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Meet the glam girls from the stylish new game Rainbow High: Runway Rush (and WIN a gaming console!)

Rainbow High: Runway Rush (from Outright Games) is basically the video game of every fashionista's dreams: It's got relatable personalities, fabulous fashion and so many fun, creative ways to play. What did we love? 

Customize your character. "You pick your creative cutie and personalize her your way. So fun!"—Jenna, 13
Explore the school. "There are over 21 amazing locations to discover. Definitely keeps you coming back."—Maddie, 12
Make friends. "I completely love the artsy quests to help my besties out."—Emma, 13
Play mini games. "You can draw with Sunny, snap pics with Violet and so much more."—Ava, 11
Unlock extra outfits: "I love their fabulous fits...and the bonus ones are the best!"—Charlotte, 12

Ready to play? Click here for all the deets!

Allow us to introduce you to the most stylish squad: Scroll to find the Rainbow High BFF who matches your vibe, then click here to win a gamer girl prize pack (which includes a Nintendo Switch *and* a copy of Rainbow High: Runway Rush)!

Ruby Anderson

Fiery and fearless, she's Rainbow High's ultimate trendsetter. Known for her hype attitude and hilarious pranks, Ruby shows love for her squad by helping her girls find their own signature styles.

Her art specialty: Graphic design
Her Runway Rush mini game: Customizing pieces

Poppy Rowan

Poppy flutters between genres and is *always* coming up with fresh and exciting ideas. She knows a thing or two about taking risks—and not just when it comes to mixing beats. When she isn't perfecting her next track, you can find this bubbly beauty kicking back with one of her many friend groups.

Her art specialty: Sound engineering
Her Runway Rush mini game: Playing music

Sunny Madison

If sunshine were a person, it would sooo be Sunny Madison (no surprise that yellow is her favorite color). Nobody does quirky and cute quite like this certified fangirl—her bright 'n' bubbly energy is infectious. Her claim to Rainbow High fame? Creating an animation series based on her besties.

Her art specialty: Computer animation
Her Runway Rush mini game: Illustrating

Jade Hunter

Jade Hunter is all about cultivating her own aesthetic over following the crowd. She might seem moody and misunderstood, but she's the honest, tells-it-like-it-is bestie *everyone* needs in their life. 

Her art specialty: Cosmetology 
Her Runway Rush mini game: Makeovers 

Skyler Bradshaw

Skyler Bradshaw might fly quietly under the radar, but this creative cutie is behind some of Rainbow High's most stellar ensembles. Best known for her modern twists on classic fits, Skyler isn't afraid to tap into her imagination—but she prefers to stay anonymous and let her work speak for itself.

Her art specialty: Fashion design
Her Runway Rush mini game: Designing clothes

Violet Willow

Every school needs a diva, and Violet Willow was totally born for the role. She isn't afraid to embrace the extra—Violet knows that the best way to stay on trend is to start one herself.

Her art specialty: Digital media (aka ~influencing~)
Her Runway Rush mini game: Taking pictures 

Super stoked to play Rainbow High: Runway Rush? Us, too. CLICK HERE for all the Rainbow High deets—then enter to win a Nintendo Switch *plus* a copy of the game HERE!

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by GL | 9/28/2023