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It's official: Descendants: The Rise of Red has a release date (+ an all new teaser)

Yup, it's happening—your villain era is confirmed for this summer. 

Mark your calendars: Disney just announced the release date of the fourth installment in the smash-hit Descendants series. The flick will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, July 12, followed by a special encore on Disney Channel on August 9. Our advice? Text the GC now to get that watch party on the books.

What's more, Disney also dropped the latest teaser for the movie—and we've kinda got it on constant replay. 

Based on what we already know about the movie and its epic teaser above, it seems like fans of the O.G. Descendants flicks are destined to adore Rise of Red. For one, it's going to include all the iconic elements of the first three films: a rockin' soundtrack, wickedly stylish costumes and some pretty thrilling showdowns. Plus, our fave Villain Kids might just make a reappearance, too (uh, hello again, Uma...or should we say Principal of Auradon Prep?!).

But with tons of new original songs (and even a revamped cover of a classic Disney tune...), a cast of fresh characters and a twisty time-travel plotline, this newest flick is bound to raise the bar even higher. 

Catch Kylie Cantrall as Red, the rebel-gal daughter of the Queen of Hearts and the princess of the not-so-wonderful Wonderland. When her mother tries to take over Auradon, Red has to join forces with her polar opposite—the perfectionistic Chloe (aka Malia Baker), daughter of Cinderella—and save the kingdom from total destruction. 

Will the heroes (and the villains, ofc) get their happily ever after? Looks like we'll have to wait 'til July to find out. 

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by GL | 4/2/2024