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If you're already dreaming about the long, lazy days of summer, we've got *the* book for you. Our latest Bestie Book Club pick is Float by Kate Marchant, and it's our newest YA romance obsession.

Set in the picture-perfect coastal town of Holden, Florida, Float isn't just another beach read. This Wattpad phenom (soon to be a major motion picture!) is a great read for anyone looking for a low-key, page-turning romance. From hilarious friendships to crush-worthy characters, Float is a breezy book that follows Alaskan fish-out-of-water Waverly Lyons when she finds herself on some unexpected but sunny shores. 

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Waverly Lyons is *not* a beach person. After 17 years of growing up in Alaska and spending her summer vacations on Arctic expeditions, she's pretty comfortable in the cold. In fact, she even prefers frozen temps to the sunshine—that is, before she finds herself stuck in Florida for a month with an aunt she barely knows, thanks to her parents divorce. Waverly is determined to have a fresh start in Florida, but one small secret seems to hold her back: She can't swim.

As she settles into her new life, Waverly finds herself with a summer job, brand new besties and a *major* crush on Blake, the super cute next-door neighbor who just happens to be a lifeguard. When Blake offers to teach Waverly how to swim, it seems too good to be true. Everything in Waverly's life is finally falling right into place—until she remembers that her time in Florida is temporary...

At the end of the summer, Waverly is faced with a choice: Will she find a way to hold onto the amazing new life she's created—or will she have to say goodbye to the place where she *finally* feels she belongs? 

What are you waiting for?! Read Float right now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love Float? Read on! Meet Abigail, Bianca, Chiara, Jordan, KenzKatie, Kameron, Presley and Tiffany. These ~fabulous~ GL girls heart reading as much as you do—and they're here to answer *all* our most burning Qs about Float. 

Abigail @abigailzoelewis

Fave Float character? "Alissa. Even though she was dealing with family problems, she always showed up for Waverly and made her new friend feel right at home in Holden."
Would you recommend this book to your squad? "Absolutely! If you love YA romance, you *have* to read Float. The characters jump right off the page, and there are so many feel-good moments from start to finish."
What's your favorite part of summer vacay? "During the summer, I love spending quality time with my BFFs. We always go to the beach and have sleepovers—just like Waverly and her friends."

Bianca & Chiara @dambrosiotwins

Scene that stole your hearts? "Alissa and Jesse surfing together was, like, the cutest thing ever. We also loved all of the swim lesson scenes between Blake and Waverly. They just balance each other out and make a really amazing couple."
How does Waverly find herself throughout the book? "At the beginning of the story, Waverly isn't too sure of who she is and what makes her so special. Spending the summer outside of her comfort zone and learning how to swim are total game-changers. Her determination is something to admire."
Are you looking forward to the Float movie? "Yes! We can't wait to see this amazing story on screen, especially all of the touching moments between Waverly and her aunt. Rachel is always so supportive of Waverly and helps her feel right at home in a new place."

Jordan @theheartofabookblogger

Which character stood out to you the most?: "Of all of Waverly's new friends, Lena was my favorite! I loved how she immediately welcomed Waverly and tried to include her in the group's activities. We could *all* use a friend like Lena."
Early in the novel, Waverly has some misconceptions about Alissa. Have you ever had a wrong first impression? "This happened with one of my BFFs. Growing up, we just didn't click. But, as we got older, we found out we had a lot in common and eventually became besties."
Which aspects of the book are you most excited to see on the big screen? "To see the small beach town come to life: I loved the descriptions of all the colorful buildings and the cute downtown area."

Katie, Kenz & Kameron @couchsisters

What was your fave Blake and Waverly moment? "There were *so* many adorable scenes between the two! But, if we had to pick one, we'd definitely go with their game of Scrabble. In that moment, you can *finally* tell that Blake is crushing on Waverly."
Where would you rather spend your summer vacay: in Alaska, or at the beach? "At the beach for sure. Summer is all about hanging out in the sunshine with your squad and enjoying every second."
If you could describe Float in just one word, what would it be? "Heartwarming. From the sweet summer romances to Waverly's confidence glow-up, this book has everything you want in a feel-good, can't-put-down read."

Tiffany @quilltreefox

Which relationship stood out to you most in this novel? "I think Waverly is able to make some great friends, but honestly her relationship with Aunt Rachel was my favorite. Rachel tries her best to understand Waverly and help her settle into life in Holden."
At first, Waverly is afraid to learn how to swim. Have you ever been scared to try something new? "Yes, actually. Starting my book blog was something I was timid about at first, but I took the chance, ended up loving it and never looked back."
Are you excited for the movie adaptation? "Yes, because I'm a big fan of enemies-to-lovers summer romances. I can't wait to see the scenes when Blake and Waverly begin their swim lessons and start to fall in love."

Presley @presleysbookreviews

Did you find Waverly to be a relatable main character? "For sure. Waverly has such a big heart, but she also finds herself in awkward and embarrassing situations. I think anyone who reads this will be able to relate to her."
What theme stuck with you the most? "Definitely friendship. During her time in Holden, Waverly makes some amaze friends who always know how to pick her up when she falls down. The Fletcher twins are my favorite, because you can tell they have Waverly's best interests at heart."
Would you recommend this read to your own squad? "Yes, ofc. Float is an adorable beachy read with a cute romance, relatable characters and a powerful message about believing in yourself. I would give this book 5 stars!"

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by GL | 3/10/2022