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8 new books to toss in your beach bag ASAP

Summer isn't over yet, beach babe. There's still time for *one* last oceanside getaway, so pack your cutest cover-up, stylish sunnies and these must-have riveting reads. Your beach bag isn't complete without the *terrific* titles below...

PARACHUTES by Kelly Yang

Claire comes from a wealthy family in China. Dani is a standout debater with big dreams—and takes serious issue with privileged kids buying their way to the top. When Dani becomes Claire's scholarship student host sister, both are reminded things are never as they appear. An excellent story of two girls from opposite worlds who emerge from the ashes stronger, together. Katherine Tegen Books, $19


In the fantastical world of Orkena, Zahru is a lowly Whisperer. Even though she can talk to animals, Zahru will never rise much above her stable-girl status. But that changes when the Grand Leader announces the Crossing, the race across the desert between three heirs. At the end, the race winner sacrifices a chosen human before taking the throne. When Zahru accidentally becomes the targeted human, she must rely on long-buried skills to protect herself from harm. Razorbill, $19


Milou and the Unadoptables arrived at Little Tulip Orphanage as babies and earned their nickname from the evil head matron because of their "quirks," which some might call gifts. Facing potential separation and worse, the tight-knit friends flee—and find themselves on a journey of fortune tellers, prophetic puppets and a quest of discovery about their true backgrounds. Brilliantly witty and fast-paced, The Unadoptables weaves an unforgettable tale of friendship and family. Viking Books for Young Readers, $18

DRESS CODED by Carrie Firestone

Molly sees two students unjustly receive different consequences over the same dress code infraction. Debating what to do about it, Molly starts a podcast. Soon, she finds out that others at her school are fed up, too, and discovers the power of using her voice. Thought-provoking, Dress Coded offers a spot-on reminder of the importance of standing up for what's right. G.P. Putnam's Sons BFYR, $17

THE PATHFINDERS SOCIETY: THE MYSTERY OF THE MOON TOWER by Francesco Sedita & Prescott Seraydarian and illustrated by Steve Hamaker

In this graphic novel, five friends meet at Camp Pathfinder: Artist Kyle, history buff Beth, budding magician Harry, cheerleader and math queen Vic and tinkerer Nate. Soon, they set out to solve the mystery of the Windrose Valley hidden treasure, their camp's missing founder...and to find out what really happened during the bizarre incident at the Moon Tower. Viking Books for Young Readers, $19

THE EDGE OF ANYTHING by Nora Shalaway Carpenter

Len is terrified she's losing her mind. Sage has a medical condition and can't play volleyball, so she's disqualified from her scholarship. Both are experiencing unexpected, crippling disabilities—and are being forced to rethink, well, everything. A chance encounter brings them together in this transforming story of friendship. Running Press Kids, $18


On a dare, Danny asks Natalie Griffin to the school dance...and she says yes. Thing is, Natalie's a celebrity. And suddenly the mayor, the press and, well, the entire town want all the details on this date. Despite getting a dose of hilarious advice from his grandmother (and school secretary), Danny worrieis that his first date may be his last. DIAL, $17

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S THE TAMING OF THE CLUELESS by Ian Doescher and illustrated by Kent Barton

We are so, like, totally in love with this Shakespearean redo of Clueless. All the chic fashion, awkward dances and witty banter of the '90s fave are retold with great accuracy—and hilarity—in perfect iambic pentameter, ofc. Quirk Books, $15

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by GL | 8/11/2020