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Missing spring break vacay? These books will *literally* take you away

Any other year rn, we'd probs be mentally planning out our vacay schedules. What to do first, see if the cute lifeguard wants to grab an ice cream or get your big sis to drive you and your friends to the beach for surfing lessons? And of course, there will be *tons* of time to get your chill on!

This year, vacay is going to be a little different. Safety restrictions and stay at home rules means no sharing ice cream, much less road trips or travel.

But that doesn't mean you can't still take a mental vacation. These books are the *best* remedy to another so-so staycation. So put on your favorite pair of cutoffs and flip flops, slather on the sunscreen, grab a cold drink and crack open a good book!


Childhood bestie Sydney and Leela are taking a très très fabulous trip to Europe, and Sydney has planned it all out. They're going to go to the Eiffel Tower, take museum tours and meet the *cutest* locals. But Sydney is going to have to learn to expect the unexpected...which includes Leela's ex boyfriend (and his *super* hot friend) showing up, her mother's mental health and getting caught in the middle of a friendship war. For all the girls who can't wait to travel with their BFFs, this one is for you!


This goes out to all the gals who went year after year to sleepaway camp! Sleepaway Girls is the perfect combo of sweet, fun and a little bit cheesy—just like camp! Join Sam as she experiences all the highs and lows of being at Whispering Pines summer camp: yummy s'mores, fast friends and of course, a little dash of drama!


Monty knows he's doomed for a lifetime of responsibility at the family estate. So, he embarks on a last hurrah trip to Europe (where he will *of course* stay out of trouble...wink wink!) with his friend and longtime crush, Percy, and his younger sister Felicity. This is the perfect read for all the girlies who can't wait to hop on a plane again!


It was going to be the summer to remember. But before they could do anything, Emily's bright and bubbly BFF Sloane disappears, leaving only a to do list for Emily to complete. With the idea that completing the list will lead her to Sloane, Emily decides to do everything on the list...uh, even if that means kissing a stranger and skinny dipping! As she completes item after item, she starts to feel more confident about herself. This book will totally inspire you to send your BFF a list just like this one!


Hugo and Mae are total strangers. Hugo, hailing from Britain and part of the famous Surrey Six, is recovering from a breakup with his longtime girlfriend Margaret Campbell. Bad news: he booked nonrefundable train tickets under her name. Enter Mae C (née Margaret Campbell), a filmmaker who wants to see the world. Though the two don't know each other at all, they decide to take this adventure together. As the train chugs along, Hugo and Mae start to fall for each other. This book is perfect for you adventurous gals who feel like taking a chance!

Happy reading!

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by Elina Graham | 3/22/2021