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8 books to read based on the *cutest* candy heart messages

Pick your candy heart message, get your next book.

Your fave flirty sweet now doubles as a TBR guide. 


When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord

Wednesday Books ($19)

Millie Price gets accepted to an elite acting school in Los Angeles. But Millie's dad, who raised her alone in New York, won't let her go. Meanwhile, Millie sees her dad's old LiveJournal page and is now detemined to locate her birth mother. Can she pursue her search while flirting with a frenemy *and* making her theater dreams come true? Buy it here.


Finding Her Edge by Jennifer Iacopello

Razorbill ($19)

A swoony love triangle laced with dreamy skating drama. Adriana, 16, is preparing for the Junior World Championships. She and her partner, Brayden, hope to win gold, so they fake a romance for publicity (though her real crush is on Freddie, who barely acknowledges her). But what happens when her relationship starts to, well, get real? Buy it here.


The Greatest Thing by Sarah Winifred Searle

First Second ($26)

This graphic novel will give you serious feels. Winifred is a sophomore who feels alone since her best friends transferred to a private school. She soon meets up with Oscar and April, who seem to have easy lives—but it turns out they're just as mixed up on the inside as Winifred. You'll cry, laugh and smile through this slice-of-life read. Buy it here.


These Deadly Games By Diana Urban

Wednesday Books ($19)

Crystal Donovan, 16, wants to win the prize money from the statewide MortalDusk video game tourney. But then she receives a photo of her kidnapped younger sister Caelyn. To save her sibling's life, Crystal has 24 hours to complete a series of increasingly dangerous and sinister tasks. Can she catch a killer kidnapper? Twists and turns abound. Buy it here.


Horror Hotel by Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren

Underlined ($10)

High school YouTubers The Ghost Gang travel to a haunted hostel in L.A. called the Hearst Hotel. They seek to dig deeper into the perplexing death of grad student Eileen Warren and connect with her spirit to uncover answers. But what happens is so terrifying that the mystery becomes an afterthought. Buy it here.


I Know Your Secret by Daphne Benedis-Grab

Scholastic ($8)

Four seventh-graders who go to the same school but don't know each other receive the same text on the same night: "I know your secret." Owen, Gemma, Ally and Todd have things they need to keep hidden. They must work together out of the custodial closet at school to complete odd and scary tasks from a strange blackmailer...or else. Buy it here.


From Little Tokyo, With Love by Sarah Kuhn

Viking ($19)

Rika, 17, Japanese and white, is raised by her aunts along with her cousins in L.A. Rika struggles with anger and feels like she doesn't fit in. She meets a famous star, Grace, who looks like her mother. Is it possible? With the help of a hot boy named Hank, Rika sets off into Little Tokyo to discover what family means in this modern-day fairy tale? Buy it here.


The Bone Spindle by Leslie Vedder

Razorbill ($19)

Fi, 17, is whip-smart but has a curse. Her partner-in-crime, Shane, is a queer girl with a battle ax. Fi finds out she's the only one who can wake Prince Briar Rose from his 100-year sleeping spell. The problem is, he is guarded by evil witches, dark magic, spying crows, sharp thorns (and worse). Fight scenes, witty banter and romance! Buy it here.

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by GL | 2/5/2022