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The perfect book for everyone on your holiday shopping list

There's nothing we love more than a new book, tbh. Recieving a book for Christmas is amazing, especially if it came from your TBR list. But finding that perfect book to give as a gift to your family members and friends can be tricky. Maybe your dad is super picky, or your bestie hasn't read a book in years. If you are dedicated to spreading your love of books, you can find a book for anyone! Keep reading for some suggestions to get you started...

Your Christmas-loving sister

Amazon, $8

Let it Snow has been a Christmas classic for years. Co-written by YA icons John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson, the book follows three different love stories that take place during Christmas Eve. It's the kind of book that is bound to make your feels light up like a Christmas tree. It's perfect for a younger sister who's just getting into reading or hasn't read a book for fun in a while. There's also a Netflix movie based on the book that you two could watch together when she's finished!

For your celebrity memoir-obsessed aunt

Amazon, $17.30

You may have grown up watching Jennette McCurdy on the hit Nickelodeon TV show, iCarly. However, I'm Glad My Mom Died, a memoir about Jennette's relationship with her mom, shows the dark side of her life off-screen during that time. If you can find this book (it sells out constantly), pounce on it immediately for your aunt, older sis or anyone who grew up watching iCarly.

Your friend who "doesn't read"

Amazon, $14.90

It's fair to say that anyone who hasn't read this book is missing out, and Christmas is the perfect time to give them the opportunity to read one of the most influential books from the 21st century. For some people who had previously said that they "don't read," The Hunger Games is the book that pulls them into the wonderful world of reading. Now is better than never. 

Your feminist mom

Amazon, $18.65

Lessons in Chemistry is Barnes and Nobel's 2022 Book of the Year, so you better believe it's good. Lessons in Chemistry is a historical fiction story set in the 1960s about Elizabeth Zott, a chemist-turned-cooking show host. It has everything a truly unforgettable read should have: love, humor, strong themes and a dog with a funny name that can understand English. On the off chance your mom hasn't read this book already, this is the perfect book to get her. 

Your gamer cousin

Amazon, $14.70

Similarly, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is Goodreads' 2022 Book of the Year, so this is another book you know has to be good. It follows Sam and Sadie, old friends who, after reuniting in college, must navigate the world of video games and their friendship with each other. Spanning over 30 years and across the country, their story is unlike anything out there. This book is perfect for anyone on this list to enjoy. 

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by Rory Durso | 12/17/2022