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Let's manifest your best break ever: Create the summer to-do list of your dreams, then find the page-turner to match your go-getter vibe.

The goal: Land the lead in the community theater musical

A Whole Song and Dance

College freshman Nasin has been living a double life. Instead of ditching the spotlight for a major her parents approve of, she's been studying musical theater...and failing her single business class. Can a cute tutor help her keep up the facade—or will curtains close on Nasrin's acting aspirations?

The goal: Interview at the college of your dreams

Good as Gold

Casey can't wait to snag her spot at an Ivy League...until her father loses his job and can no longer pay for her tuition. With the help of her new crew, Casey sets off on a high-stakes summer adventure to find Langston's rumored treasure, revive her family's social status and secure her ticket out of town.

The goal: Make your mark at mock trial camp

The Beauty Trials

Princess Sophia's imprisonment means one thing for the socialites of Orleans: the return of the Beauty Trials, a dangerous contest to find the next ruler. Edel has what it takes to win, but an attack by a fellow competitor reveals a conspiracy that threatens her life before she can claim the crown.

The goal: Go viral on TikTok

Live Your Best Lie

Influencer Summer Cartwright has it all: adorable vintage clothes, a book deal and millions of loyal followers who obsess over her every move. But after her annual Halloween party, Summer goes missing. When her body is discovered, her friends unpack the dark side of her picture-perfect life.

The goal: Start your mornings with a sunrise hike

A Ruinous Fate

Calliope "Calla" Rosewood is a witch on the run with a dangerous secret: She's only three dice rolls away from starting a long and bloody war. Calla runs away, vowing to find the being who can help reset her fate—but she'll first have to survive a deadly journey through strange, magical lands.

The goal: Make friends with your summer school squad

A Spark in the Cinders

To save Novador from a streak of misfortune, Aralyn must venture with a knight and the queen to the farthest corners of the kingdom. Can the trio find the pieces of the Protector's Blade (an ancient artifact with the power to restore balance) and prove themselves as rightful heirs to the throne?

The goal: Volunteer at the animal shelter

There Goes the Neighborhood

All Rhea wants is to protect her corner of L.A. from a recent influx of trendy out-of-towners. But when a stunt meant to scare off the newbies takes a violent turn and accidentally harms her community, Rhea is forced to admit her wrongdoings and confront her fear of losing the place she calls home.

The goal: Make bank working at the boba shop

Three Drops of Blood

After Netflix cancels her chance at a leading role, teen actress Kate is forced to take a temporary job at her friend's dad's law firm. She feels stuck in her boring new life...until she witnesses a double murder and vows to unmask the mystery killer.

The goal: Go on adventures with your forever besties

When We Had Summer

Stunned by the loss of their friend Carly, BFFs Daniella, Lainie and Penny wonder how their squad can go on. Then Daniella discovers the bucket list Carly left behind—and the girls decide to complete it in her honor. Nostalgic escapades abound in this relatable story of grief, growing up and friendship.

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by GL | 5/12/2023