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"Is AI going to take over the world?" Sci-fi girlies, get ready to geek out over this thrilling new read...

From ChatGPT to self-driving cars, is all this AI in our world amazing...or terrifying? That's the question Lois and Ross Melbourne tackle in their intense, cutting-edge sci-fi book Moral Code (grab a copy here rn!)

Whether you're the girl who shines at STEM, hearts Stranger Things and Black Mirror, obsesses over The Murderbot Diaries or just wants a riveting read, this is the book for you.


Moral Code kicks off as doctor and scientist Keira Stetson joins forces with billionaire Roy Brandt to save the hospital children she's caring for after an earthquake—using his company's v. mysterious nanotechnology.

As she learns more about it, Keira's both excited and worried about the technology's potential. Soon she's made the life-altering decision to begin working with Brandt (along with her AI assistant Elly, ofc). She's hopeful that, with her involvement, the technology can be protected from anyone with bad intentions. But spying, sabotage and secrets abound—and soon Keira might majorly regret her choice...especially when it puts her and everyone around her in serious danger.

"Technology can be developed for good or evil, so it's important that we develop barriers around how it's used and hold others accountable," the Melbournes say about the plot.

Moral Code will have you turning the pages at max speed to figure out what happens—and will spark the kind of ~deep thoughts~ that will have you journaling late into the night.


We love a main character who inspires us to make change IRL—and that's Keira, the protagonist of Moral Code. Not only does she add some much-needed female energy to the sci-fi genre, but she’s also truly someone to root for: smart, optimistic and dedicated to making positive change in the world. 

If one #girlboss wasn’t enough to empower you, how’s two? Before writing Moral Code, Lois Melbourne studied marketing *and* started a software company. One of the highlights of her STEM career? “I liked working with people to design, build and take a product to market that could solve lots of problems,” she explains. “It takes a lot of teamwork—which I find powerful.” 

Hoping to ace your next AP Chem exam, pen a short story or apply for your dream summer internship? Take a pro tip from Lois: Rely on the amaze role models around you. “It’s so important to rally around our friends—help them be true to themselves and find the resources they need to achieve their goals.” (This is a sign to send that “You got this!” text to your bestie before her next big game/test/presentation/audition.) 


Though the science fiction genre is known for its darker plots (and Moral Code certainly has its intense moments), one thing that makes the book stand out is its ultimate message of hope. 

“Not everything goes perfectly for the characters in the book, but they fight for good outcomes,” says Ross. “I’m an optimist and a problem solver—I look at issues and see solutions that lead to positive impact.” 

Does that mean Keira and Elly are going to have a happy ending (and, you know, save all of humanity from evil)? You’re just going to have to read to find out…

Get more deets about Moral Code right HERE, then enter to win your own copy HERE!


by GL | 3/3/2024