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Your next read, based on your fave summer treat

Bc is it really sunshine season without a story and a sweet?

The treat: A vanilla-caramel ice cream cone. Your classic favorite, with a li'l twist. 

The book: The Grandest Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Little, Brown BFYR, $20)
Seven lucky people have a shot at scoring a life-changing fortune on a remote island—if they can survive every extreme challenge thrown at them. The competition’s mysterious (and perhaps familiar to returning readers) Hawthorne hosts are prepared to pull out all the stops.

The treat: A Jolly Rancher popsicle, bc just like the three-tiered cake (and pop!), there are soo many layers to this read.

The book: Heiress Takes All by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka (Little, Brown BFYR, $19)
Ex-heiress Olivia Owens wants revenge. At her father’s wedding, she acts innocent, but behind the scenes, her heist to steal millions of dollars is underway. Her ragtag crew has until the “I do” to break into the safe and get the inheritance that’s rightfully hers.

The treat: An orange double-pop. Sweet, citrusy summer vibes, plus sister drama = double the trouble.  

The book: Dashed by Amanda Quain (Wednesday Books, $20) 
Margaret’s airtight plan for a no-distractions summer is destroyed when her lovesick sis tags along on her cruise. As she creates fake dates to keep her sister busy, Margaret reluctantly develops feelings for a cute member of the ship’s crew in this modern Sense and Sensibility retelling.

The treat: A rocket pop. Just when you think you've got the taste down, the flavor changes. (Plus, rockets = spaceships, right?)

The book: Moonstorm by Yoon Ha Lee (Delacorte Press, $20)
Hwa Young always longed to become an elite space warrior. After an attack on her school, she gets her wish. When she and her classmates are recruited for an intense pilot training program, they learn epic battle skills—and uncover all that their powerful Empire is hiding.

The treat: A strawberry shortcake pop. Adventure past the outer layer and you'll find sweetness inside.

The book: Rune: The Tale of a Thousand Faces by Carlos Sánchez (Flying Eye Books, $16)
Meet adventurous orphan Chiri and her bestie Dai. As they explore the woods, they wander a little too far and fi nd a forgotten realm. To get back home, the pair will have to team up with fantastical creatures and face off against the Thousand Faces Monster.

The treat: An ice cream sandwich. Hard on the outside, sweet 'n' gooey on the inside...just like this rivals-to-lovers read. 

The book: Love, Off the Record by Samantha Markum (Margaret K. McElderry Books, $20) 
No one is going to stop Wyn from landing her own column at the school newspaper…especially not her rival, Three. The reporters are both determined to snag the spot when Three discovers unexpected news. Can the competitors break the story of how they really feel?

The treat: A drumstick sundae: Delicious chocolate with a surprise in the middle, just like Mo Seto's story as she pieces together the mystery.  

The book: The Legendary Mo Seto by A.Y. Chan (Aladdin, $18)
To prove that she can become a tae kwon do champion, 12-year-old Mo Seto auditions to star in a martial arts movie. She’s pumped to beat out her archrival for the role and share the screen with her celeb idol, until she’s faced with the real kicker: her dad’s mysterious disappearance.

The treat: A Spongebob fruit punch pop, bc getting older doesn't mean your childhood faves are any less delish.

The book: Grow Up, Luchy Zapata by Alexandra Alessandri (Atheneum BFYR, $18)
Sixth grade is going to be Luchy’s year. Then, her BFF Cami comes home after a summer away and decides she’s not into art class, soccer and, well, everything else they used to love—because she’s more “mature” now. Is their friendship strong enough to outlast the growing pains?

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by Allyson Coy | 6/1/2024