So you're what?

You've been in the talking stage for what feels like forever, but now you and your crush are officially an item! YAY! 

...but what happens now? 

Don't worry, we've all been there. Whether this is your first relationship or your fifth, it can feel overwhelming to jump into a new partnership. The best way to combat those nerves is to get to know your new boo on a deeper level. That's why we've compiled some super fun ways to kick-start your new relationship.

Ask *real* questions

There's no better way to get to know someone than to ask about them! Start by asking light Q's about what you're comfortable with in your new relationship.

Some boundary-setting questions to ask your partner and yourself: 

  1. How many days per week do you want to see each other?

  2. Do you want to sit together at lunch? 

  3. Do you want to have constant text convos going?

  4. How often do you want to call or FaceTime each other?

It's also important to understand how you and your partner like to communicate. Take a love language quiz together to learn how both of you like to express and receive all the mushy-gushy stuff. GL crush quizzes are another great way to reveal each other's personalities and preferences.

Go on dates...with a twist

Spending quality time together is a great way to learn about your S.O. Try to prioritize dates that give you and your partner a chance to get past the small talk. 

The We Are Not Really Strangers card game makes for an amazing date for couples ages 15 and up! The conversation cards help facilitate deeper connections and can show you different sides of your partner. (It's also super aesthetic!)

The "penny date" is another great get-to-know-you date! Grab a penny and your bae, and hop in the car or on your bikes. Hit the road, and at every intersection take turns flipping the penny. If it lands on heads you turn right, and if it lands on tails you turn left. The person that flipped the penny gets to ask the other person a question that you talk about until you get to the next intersection. This repeats over and over until you find a place where you would like to eat or hang out for the rest of your date.  


Meet the people who are important to them

Getting to know your new S.O.'s friends and family is a great way to learn more about them and show them that you care. 

Take some time to chat with your partner's loved ones. You can ask them about themselves and your partner. If chatting with their parents or other adult family members seems scary, start with their siblings, cousins and friends. Who knows? You might make a few new friends too!

Try out what they love 

Learning about what someone loves to do, watch or read can tell you *so* much about them.

Ask your partner what their favorite book, TV show, singer or hobby is, and give it a try! Make a collaborative playlist with your partner where you both can add songs you liked from each other's music. Try having a date where you watch one episode from each of your favorite TV shows.

No matter how you choose to share with each other, learning more about your new S.O. is the best way to start a relationship. 

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by Laine Napoli | 7/19/2022