How to stay connected with your crush this summer

It's the end of the school year and you've *finally* started to connect with your crush (on a deeper level than just asking for the chem notes—score!)...only for summer to come along to mess with your budding romance. Whether your crush will be in a different country for a service trip for the summer or you'll be totally overwhelmed with hours of babysitting, it's no secret that summer can get in the way of that school-year spark.

Does this szn looks like it'll be more of a bummer for your crush sitch than you may have hoped? We've got you covered with ways to stay connected with your crush this summer that go beyond a simple fire emoji comment on their Insta posts. With these tips, you'll be right where you left off on that first day back to school.

Snail mail 

Sending your crush a message the old-fashioned way is like texting...just a million times more swoon-worthy. If you'll be away on vacay, send them a postcard. Or if they'll be a counselor at a sleepaway camp, make sure to get their address before they leave. There's no doubt that they won't be able to hide their smile when they get your letter, and they'll probably take the hint that you like them. Plus, what's cuter than snail mail? (Absolutely nothing!) 

Group hangs 

Plan a few bigger group hangs before everyone's scheds fill up for the summer. Hanging out in a group setting may be just what you need—that way, you can spend time with them *and* have your squad there for support if you get nervous around your crush. Plan a beach trip or movie night with a bunch of friends + your cutie, and who knows...if things go well, you may snag some one-on-one time with them, too.

Invite them to an event 

Snag tickets to a band you both love? A summer festival? An event at a pool club? Whatever it may be, try to think of something you would *both* enjoy, and invite them to go with you! Chances are they'll be just as excited as you are about it.

Plan virtual hangouts 

If you just can't seem to find a single time that works for the both of you with your hectic summer plans, have no fear! Set up a Netflix party to binge your fave show...and make it a thing! Find a weekly day or time that works for you both to watch a quick episode. And the best part about meeting virtually? No whatever works for you (Midnight Marvel marathon? Yes pls!) And if you're truly way too busy for that, from Trivia Crack to sending each other's Wordle scores, there are tons of non-time-consuming ways to connect. Plus, that friendly competition will give you something to talk about next time you see them.

Surprise them 

Show up at the ice cream shop they're working at, surprise them with their fave book or flowers to drop off on their porch or send them a text out of the blue asking to hang! After all, the best moments are usually unplanned.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 5/17/2022