13 texts to send to spark your ~romance~ era

Are you lost trying to spark up a convo with your crush this summer? It can be tough to connect with your hopeful bae when you don't see them every day in school. DW, that's why we've compiled these tips for all the struggling romantics out there. You got this!

1. Send a song that reminds you of them, with a short "You'd love this!" or "This is you as a song." They'll know you're thinking of them and are associating them with a (hopefully flirty) tune. Trust, they'll get the hint in no time.

2. Remind them of an inside joke. They'll recall that memorable time with you and probs continue the convo.

3. Text a TikTok of activity, adding "We should do this!" It's kind of like a pre-planned date! If your crush agrees to it, you've got a hangout idea locked down and ready to go.

4. Comment on something pop-culture related! "Are you going to see Barbie or Oppenheimer on July 21? I'd see both with you!" will be a major icebreaker between you and bae. 

5. Send them a compliment! The most obvi way to flirt is to send over a simple "You looked so cute today!" or "I was obsessed with your fit today." 

6. Bring up one of their interests. People love to chat about their fave things, so read up on the current baseball news or tune in to their top artist to spark up a convo. 

7. Don't be afraid to add a bold emoji or two. The smiling face with hearts around it will surely get your message across. 

8. Mention something they posted on social media. Texting "I went to the Eras Tour, too!" or "OMG, that restaurant is my fave" will immediately give you something in common (which will extend your 'ship!). 

9. For the member of the friend group that you're crushing on: "Want to hang just us sometime?"  It'll show them you're interested in *them* specifically and that you'd like to spend together (not in the friend way).

10. For the cute kid you met at the beach that one time: "Beach date pt 2?" Don't shy away from the first text! You've got nothing to lose if you've only met them once. 

11. For the crush from school: "Now that school's out, we should totally make summer plans. When are you free?" It'll be clear that you're not looking for a study buddy, but an un-academic romance. 

12. Also for a friend: "I have *so* much to catch you up on. Coffee date soon?" This text will prove that you've already been thinking about them, and sneaking in the word "date" is super flirty.

13. For the group chat with that other prospective couple: "Who's up for ice cream on Saturday?" Double dates are always a good idea, especially to break some ice. If it doesn't work out, you have a new summer friend group! Win-win. 

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by Julia Szymanski | 7/12/2023