The (pop culture-inspired) do's and don'ts of summer dating

If you're manifesting a truly cinematic love story for 2023, we have you covered (and in this case "we" = all of the best summer date experts from your fave movies and shows).

Do: Bring out your inner bold flirt.
Nothing says summer quite like partying by the pool, and nothing says "I'm interested in summer dating you" like flirting by the pool. Actually, scratch that—nothing says "I'm interested in summer dating you" like flirting *in* the pool. Channel your inner Belly Conklin and make this your personal "The Summer I Turned the Pool Into My Flirting Domain."

Don't: Be afraid to put it all on the line.
Just the idea of being real and vulnerable with your crush can feel like a literal, physical weight bearing down on you. Trust us, we know it seems way easier to just smoosh down those feelings and keep them to yourself—but this is definitely one of those "no pain, no gain" situations in life. Be the Gina Porter of your own love story (and also just be the Gina Porter of any situation, honestly). 

Do: Seek out adventure.
Make adventure priority one when planning all dates/label-free outings with your crush. Normal date: hanging out at the mall. Next level date: hitting up a boutique and playing stylist for each other (complete with a movie montage dressing room moment). Normal date: hiking. Next level date: packing a speaker, then finding a perfect spot along the trail to pause for an impromptu dance party for two. You get the idea.

Don't: Forget you have plenty of future summers (and romances) ahead of you.
There's nothing wrong with wanting an epic summer crush, but there's also absolutely nothing wrong if you don't find one. Because no matter how much you manifest romance, those swoon-worthy moments may not happen. It's OK to be bummed (we're not here to shame your feelings, and no one else should either), but know that even if this isn't your rom-com summer, there may be a time jump waiting (and, well, maybe you're meant to be the main character of a different genre rn). 

Do: Go where the sunshine takes you.
Summer seems to fly by, especially when you're spending time with your crush. So make sure that you're embracing *all* the movie-worthy moments. Say "yes" to everything (you're comfortable with): Picnic at sunset? Learning how to play a piano duet with your bae? Going on a planetarium date? Let's do it! Even if the 'ship doesn't last forever, the core memories will, promise. 

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by Kayleigh Roberts | 6/7/2023