Upgrade boring jars stat with this simple DIY


Jars are a cute way to store all your beauty odds and ends while keeping them organized. But sometimes those plain ones are just boring. These unique animal topped jars are sure to give your beauty space the ultimate upgrade and are very easy to make. Recycling has never looked so stylish!

You'll need:

- Jars (of any size)
- Small plastic toy animals
- Primer spray (gray or white works best)
- Clear plastic glue
- Metallic spray paint 
- Newspaper


1. Start off with some clean empty jars. (You can use empty salsa jars or mason jars, just make sure to clean them inside out and make sure they are completely dry.)

2. Take your plastic animals and evenly spray them with some primer spray. Cover them evenly and don't forget the bottom.

3. Spray the primer spray on the jar lids as well.

4. Once both the animals and the lids are dry, take the clear plastic glue and put it on the bottom of the animals and glue them to the jar lids. Leave to dry.

5. Spray the dried lids with any metallic spray paint color. Tip: Do light coats and leave some time in between the coats for the best coverage.

6. Once they are dry, put on top of the jar and store whatever you would like in them.

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Tutorial credit: Bang On Style.

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by Aarti Sharma | 3/28/2017