Every DIY to make your bedroom super cozy + cute


If you're looking to fix up your room while you have some free time over the summer, you've come to the right place.  We've handpicked the trendiest DIYs to pretty up your pad. Let the crafts begin...


Pom-Pom Pillows 
If you look around at almost any home funiture + accessory store, you'll see these adorable decorative pom-poms on everything from hair ties all the way to the shoes on your feet.  Why not add them to your pillows?! 


Fuzz Ball Rug 
We are in love with how colorful and vibrant this DIY rug is.  It is small, yet makes a big appearance.  Check out how to make this fuzz ball rug here


Dry Erase Board
Life goes on and life gets busy.  It can be super hard to stay organized with only a planner itself, but with this DIY dry erase board, you can write yourself little reminders about all of the things you have to get done for the day or week.  Check it out.


Floral Decorated Words 
No matter what season it is, it's always nice to be surrounded with a bunch of bright flowers.  You know what the only thing better than bright flowers is?  Bright flowers and positive affirmations.  These floral-decorated letters are IN.  Learn how to craft these by clicking here


Tassel Garland 
This tassel garland has been extremely popular over the past several months, being sold in accessory store all across the country.  They can end up being a little pricey compared to a homemade version that looks exactly the same. Save yourself the extra money with this DIY project


Faux Flower Monogram Letters 
Monograms are always in because they're such a creative and fun way to add a pop of personality onto almost anything.  This DIY tutorial uses faux flowers, but you can decorate these letters with almost any material you want.


Closeline Picture Holder  
Do you have *so* many pictures and just nowhere to hang them all?  Well, have no fear, we have found the perfect DIY for your room.  You can hang up these closeline picture holders anywhere.  Check it out


Charging Station
Devices on devices, cords on cords, there are too many wires to keep track of!  This DIY charging station is the perfect craft to stick next to your bedside table.  It easily keeps all of your cords organized, all while you can just throw the plugs into the box and cover them all with the lid.'re organized.


Photo Wall
Decorate a side of your wall with all of your favorite memories. That way, you'll always be surrounded with all of your loved ones. It is the perfect way to turn your room into your own cozy abode. Take a look to see how to create this wall


Ping Pong Ball String Lights  
String lights are always the best decoration to hang up in your room when you want your space to have a cozy feeling.  All you need are ping pong balls and string lights. This tutorial is so simple and so worth it.  


Hanging Signs 
These DIY room signs are the perfect sized reminders of what is important in your life.  Not only can you use them as tiny reminders, you can also use them as a way to write down things you have to get done throughout the week.  See for yourself how cute they are here.


Yarn Orbs  
Add a pop of color to your room with these yarn orbs. You can create as many as you want, in whatever size you want. All you have to do is follow this simple tutorial, hang them from the ceiling, and you're good to go.


Watercolor Pillows
These vibrant and colorful pillows really make your space your own. Check out the super fun tutorial here.


Jewelry Organizer  
Every girl has spent hours trying to untangle the necklaces that you have balled up in your drawer. Solve all your jewelry issues with this trendy DIY jewelry organizer


Gold Glitter Mason Jars  
Use these jars to organize anything from desk supplies to make up brushes. Follow the tutorial here.


Desk Calendar  
All you need are a few steps and materials and you will be able to transform ordinary materials into a spectacular ombre calendar.

Mini Succulent Plants 
These DIY succulents are the perfect decoration to bring a little bit of nature from the outside to the inside.  You can customize each pot to how you want, too. 

Do you have any other DIYs you've tried out for your space?  Let us know about them in the comment section below! 

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by Kara Brown | 6/19/2017