Hot chocolate charcuterie boards are the cutest holiday trend


Who said that charcuterie boards had to be limited to meats and cheeses? Hot chocolate charcuterie boards are in this season, and we are *totally* here for it. Elevate your snack spread this holiday season by flipping it from salty to sweet.

Instead of filling your appetizer platter with salami and cheddar, top your board with everything you need to make a bomb cup of cocoa. From chocolate chips to marshmallows to caramel squares to coconut flakes, the options are endless and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

To make your spread even more festive, add some holiday sprinkles or peppermint sticks. Just don't forget the hot chocolate mix!

Sure, a good chai tea or peppermint mocha helps ring in the season, but you can't go wrong with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Plus, hot chocolate bombs are *all* over TikTok lately—why not try out the trend on your adorable charcuterie board? We can't think of a better way to cozy up and watch a classic holiday movie—seasonal snacks *not* optional.

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by Kathleen O'Neill | 12/12/2020