Show your squad you care with these DIY compliment journals

It's always important to have close friends and family by your side on both the toughest days and the sunniest ones. But it can be easy to forget to tell the VIPs in our lives *just* how much we appreciate them. Keep reading to find out how to make special compliment journals with your crew—a memento you'll treasure for years to come.

What you'll need:

1 small, blank journal or notebook for each friend

Stickers, markers, glitter and other craft supplies for decorating

Here's what to do:

1. Have each friend decorate a small journal. Be creative—you can include drawings, favorite quotes, song lyrics, adorable stickers and more! Just make sure your name is printed clearly on the front.

2. Decide how you want to rotate the journals. You can choose to give each member several days or a week with each journal so they'll have *plenty* of time to write what they want to say. Or, you can pass them all around the next time your whole group gets together—whatever your preference!

3. Now, it's time to compliment! When you get a pal's journal, take some time to think about why you love them. Is it her hilarious sense of humor and her ability to cheer you up, no matter what? Is he super thoughtful and always in the stands at your soccer games? Write down these compliments, and feel free to include your fave memories, doodles that remind you of them and anything else you can think of. Have fun with it!

4. Once you're finished writing, pass the journal on to the next person—whether you do it all at once or over a few weeks. Then, you'll receive another person's journal to write in! 

5. After all the journals have been passed around, return each journal to its owner. You'll feel amazing knowing that you were able to tell your friends just how much you care for them. Plus, now's your chance to see what your friends heart most about you! We promise your journal will be an instant mood-booster and reminder of all of your amazing qualities.

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Top image: @localpines. All GIFs via GIPHY.


by Ariane Faro | 6/10/2021