The GL girl’s *ultimate* guide to start scrapbooking

If you're like us, you may feel like you're *drowning* in photos that are taking up space in your camera roll. And since only so many of them go on Insta, it can be a struggle to know what to do with your cutest pics. The solution to all your cute photo dilemmas? Scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking is what it sounds like: taking *anything* that holds significance to you (photos, tickets, receipts, objects and yes... scraps) and putting them all into a book. Making a scrapbook is super rewarding and fun to make. Plus, you end up with a gorgeous (and sentimental) product. If you're a first-time scrapbooker who has no clue where to start, have no fear, GL is here with a guide to solve your scrapbooking sitch!

Scrapbooking tip 1: Pick the right notebook


Before you start, think about what *your* purpose for the scrapbook is. Throwing together a quick vacation recap? Opt for a smaller notebook like this one. Have a million pics from your summer abroad? Use a binder or a bigger notebook.

Scrapbooking tip 2: Save everything (seriously, *everything*)

If you want to make a memorable scrapbook, it's good to get in the habit of saving anything and everything from your everyday life. Did your grandma just take you out for a birthday dinner? Keep the receipt. Did you just go to the movies with your besties for the first time since COVID started? Keep the ticket stub. You'll thank yourself later for having lots of content to work with when you're putting your book together. 

Scrapbooking tip 3: Take photos of *everything*


Along with saving little mementos, you want to make sure you take photos whenever you can. Some of you may already have camera rolls flooded with pics, but if you don't, take goofy selfies with your BFFs at school, capture a pretty sunset or snap a pic at a family dinner. Even the most mundane parts of your life can make the most nostalgic and heartfelt scrapbook pages, especially for sentimental people like us scrapbookers. You might also want to invest in something like a Sprocket printer or a Polaroid camera that will quickly print pics that are the *perf* size for scrapbooks. Trust us, it'll save you so much time.

Scrapbooking tip 4: Pick a theme for your page (or book!) 


Some scrapbooks have themes and some don't; whether you have one in yours is up to Y-O-U. If you decide you want a theme, use related decorations (if you want to make it beach-themed, you might want to use stickers or images of sandcastles and shells). Another way to incorporate a theme is to use themed frames and borders—simply cut decorated paper into the shape of your book, and cut out the middle for an *uber* cute paper border.

Scrapbooking tip 5: Discover new ways to write


The next step of your scrapbooking journey? Writing any thoughts, ideas or captions for pics. The best part of writing in your scrapbook is that it does *not* need to be done with a simple pen or pencil. You can "write" with anything from gel bens to brush pens, to even stamps! We recommend a label maker or brush pens for extra aesthetic vibes, but truly anything works.

Scrapbooking tip 6: Know your staple decorations


Now that you've got your pics and captions down, the last step is to decorate to your heart's content. Pinterest is your BFF when coming up with scrapbook decoration ideas. You'll find a *ton* of ways to decorate, from pressing flowers to ripping up pieces of paper bags to glue down, but your staple decorations will always be washi tape and stickers. You can get these at your local craft store, and they don't require much artistic skill to pull off. If you want to be a bit more artistic, however, using watercolor or other paints for your scrapbook can create a seriously eye-catching result. 

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by Erin Jeon and Eva Mandelbaum | 8/14/2021