Leftover wrapping paper? Try out these adorable crafts

Nothing is more satisfying than ripping off wrapping paper (it is arguably better than getting the present itself!). After the tree's stump is empty and all the gifts have been opened, it's common to find yourself swimming in crinkled-up bunches of wrapping paper. Or even a large garbage bag stuffed to the brim of exclusively wrapping paper and shopping tags. It is reported that four million tons of holiday waste trace back to America's trashed single-use wrapping paper and shopping bags over the month of December. To have a more sustainable holiday season, recycle that leftover wrapping paper into these adorable *and* festive crafts! 

Origami ornaments


What you need: wrapping paper, cardstock or thick construction paper, a ruler, glue, scissors, hole puncher and ribbon

How-to: Begin by cutting out a square from your cardstock or construction paper. Make sure it's a pretty large square, either 4" by 4" or 6" by 6". Glue the square onto your wrapping paper and cut it out. Fold into your favorite origami shape. New to origami? Easy Paper Origami on YouTube gives amazing, quick tutorials to help you create the origami ornament of your dreams. Punch a hole into your finished origami creation and loop of ribbon through the hole. Find the perf spot on your tree for this one-of-a-kind ornament and hang it up for all to see!

Paper mache snowman 


What you need: the most ripped-up, crinkled wrapping paper you have, a medium-sized, plastic bottle, flour, water, bowl, large spoon, stickers, paint and construction paper to decorate 

How-to: First prep the paper mache paste. (Hint: make half a batch for the first layer of the snowman, and another batch for the following layers!). Use one part flour to one part water with a pinch of cinnamon for a festive smelling snowman. Stir together and add in more flour or water till you produce paste with a thick, creamy soup consistency. 

Grab your bottle and remove any paper labels. Cut your wrapping paper into long strips. Dip the strip of wrapping paper entirely into the paste and lay it onto the bottle. Repeat and evenly cover the bottle with a single layer of paper mache. Allow it to dry overnight. The next day, you can continue to layer on the paper mache. Decorate your snowman with the paint and construction paper for the hat, scarf and carrot nose. 

Homemade holiday cards

What you need: wrapping paper, cardstock, scissors, glue, glitter, markers and pens 

How-to: Fold your cardstock in half. Glue on pieces of your ripped-up wrapping paper into a design you like. You can glue the wrapping paper to the edges for a border, cut out a Christmas tree to paste onto the card's cover or even cover the entire front in the paper! Use markers, glitter and pens to decorate the card and write a super jolly holiday message on the inside. Give this card to the loved one of your choice for a meaningful and special gift this holiday season! 

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by Cara Lamina | 12/27/2021