Here's how to make cute handwritten letters for your BFFs

Has texting gotten boring? You *need* to start writing your BFF handwritten letters. There's no better way to show your crew you care than by crafting for them. These letters are super simple, and you'll have loads of fun making them. Aesthetically pleasing and heartwarming, what more could your bestie want?


Supplies You'll Need

Of course, you'll need paper and scissors in your crafting kit—but to make these letters a bit more fun, opt for stickers and colored gel pens. Here's a quick list of materials to gather before putting your pen on the paper. 

+ Paper or cardstock
+ Pens and pencils
+ Stickers
+ Envelopes (with stamps, if necessary)
+ Any more decorating items of your choice


Cute Messages To Write

Remember, it's what's on the inside that counts! Write from your heart, whether that's a sweet reminder you care about them or a longer message. If you're stuck on what you write to your bestie, try one of these ideas:

+ Song lyrics
+ Favorite quote from a book, movie or TV show
+ A sweet memory of a time you shared
+ Poetry
+ Baking recipes you love 


Decorating Techniques 

Now that you have your letter written, it's time to make it look *totally* cute. It's time to channel your inner crafting skills and put them to work. Don't forget—there's no such thing as too many stickers!

+ Draw bees and butterflies
+ Add stickers of their fave animal
+ Include washi tape on the borders 
+ Glue on magazine cutouts 
+ Paint flowers with watercolors 


Items To Include

If you want to level up your handwritten letter game, try adding a small and cute item inside the envelope. We suggest adding...

+ Dried flower petals
+ Polaroids
+ Bookmarks
+ Postcards
+ Friendship bracelet(s)

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by Kelly Schwint | 9/4/2022