Keep in touch with collage postcards

Is your BFF leaving you for a long time this summer? Whether your go-to gal is travelin' to her mom's for the whole vacay, spending time at summer camp or you're the one jet setting to super cool getaways, collage postcards are a great way to keep in touch.

Our tip? Use local mags – if you're the one staying put you'll give your bestie a sweet 'n' funny reminder of home, and if you're the one traveling you can show her all the cool places that you've seen. You could also send these to grams, gramps or good ol' Aunt Edna.

What You’ll Need:

Old Magazines
Glue stick
Paper or index cards
Marker or pen

What You’ll Do:

1. Cut out words and pictures from the inside pages of the magazines.
2. Tear off the back or front cover (your choice!) of a magazine (this is where you will glue down your cut-outs).
3. Glue down words and pictures onto the magazine cover. Cover the entire page using big and small pieces.
4. When you are finished let your collage dry and cut it into four rectangular pieces.
5. Write your message on a piece of paper or index card and glue it to the back of the collage. Make sure to write your message on the left and the address and place a stamp on the right.
6. Use these pieces as a puzzle for a family member or friend. Send the same person one of the collage pieces (from the same collage) four different times that you write to them so they can put them back together and make a big collage.

-Lauren Padussis

Want even more ways to keep in touch this summer? Check back next week for our tips on *AWESOME ENVELOPES!*


by GL | 2/1/2016