The cutest arm candy you can DIY with your crew!

We always thought friendship bracelets were the best thing ever —but now that we've discovered a more sophisticated version, we're in love all over again. There's finally a DIY that is far from your average camp-style arm candy and can be worn beyond the cabins. From pinks to reds, purples and greens, these gold-toned color combo BFF bangles are super cool (and totally trendy). So go on, make a pile, and divvy them up among your crew (oh, and don't be surprised if Mom asks you to make her one, too!).  


What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery floss in bright colors
  • Linked chains about 4” long (can be found at craft stores—use pliers to separate the links if necessary)

What you’ll do:

Step 1: Gather six strands of embroidery floss (each should be about 12 inches long) and knot the ends together on one side. Begin to braid about 3 inches of the length and knot all the strings at the end of the braid, leaving a long tail. 

Step 2: Divide the strands into two sections, so three strands are in each, then thread the first section through the embroidery needle and begin weaving through two lengths of chain, whipstitching in one direction. The embroidery floss should connect both lengths of chain.

Step 3: Once you have woven the floss in one direction as shown in the images above, take the other section of floss and begin to weave in the opposite direction creating criss-crosses.

Step 4: After having completed the criss-cross design between the two chains, knot the end and braid the rest of the tail like the first step. Voilà! You’ve not got a beautiful and colorful bracelet that’ll rock your wrist this summer. 

 Do you have BFF bracelets? How did you make 'em? Share in the comments below.

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by GL | 2/1/2016