Drop that tie! DIY gifts for your #1 guy



DIY gifts for Dad are always the best kind—and no, we're not just saying that because we kinda forgot about Father's Day. What's better than a heartfelt, homemade gidt for the guy who taught you how to ride a bike, showed you that it's okay to be yourself and loved you unconditionally? Check out these clever, fun ways to brighten his day. 

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    In control

    This remote cookie is the cutest idea ever. Make it even sweeter by suggesting to Red Box or Netflix a movie! Nothing beats solid quality time, and he will love the idea.

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    Ultimate dad bait

    Hook, line and sinker! This edible tackle box for dear old dad packed with all of his fave treats is sure to reel him in.

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    Best dad in the game 

    This cute football-inspired DIY frame is an automatic touchdown in our book! All you need is a few craft supplies and a quality pic of you and your number 1 fan. 

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    Get it poppin'

    Look at all these poppin' things! Get it? This is a great way to show your “Pop” how much you really care. Be sure to customize it to his liking and fill it with all of his go-to popped goodies. 

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    King of the grill

    Personalized spatula? Yes, please! Customize dad’s grilling tools to show that he will always be the ultimate grill master in your heart.

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    Best for last

    Surprise him with this clever (and delish) card and pair it with a heartfelt note that will put him over the moon. Plus, the M&M tie is beyond adorbs—just saying!

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by Rachel Dooley | 2/1/2016