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How to spice up your holiday traditions this year

Because the holidays are the perfect time to be a little extra.

1. Up your gingerbread game




This is one of the most beloved holiday traditions, and not without good reason. Not only do you get to express your creative side as you layer on the candy and icing, but you make a sweet work of art that you can eat. While there’s nothing wrong with store-bought kits, putting in the effort to make your own gingerbread this year is a great way to spice up this time-tested tradition. You get more time to bond with your fam or friends as you bake and decorate, and you have way more control over the kind of house you create. Peep this recipe from Food Network to get inspired.

2. Rethink caroling


You don’t have to be Mariah to carol at Christmastime. The tradition of spreading cheer through song dates *way* back—it’s even referenced in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, published in 1843. Going door-to-door gives you a chance to get to know your neighbors, but feel free to expand your territory this year and sing someplace new. Not all nursing home residents are able to see their loved ones, and they’re sure to appreciate your carols in a whole new way.

3. See a holiday fave in a new way


Thanks to streaming, you can access your favorite Christmas movies from basically anywhere. But there is something to be said for accessing it on the big screen. If you know someone with a projector and a screen, hold a neighborhood screening of your fave flick. No screen is no problem—many theaters hold special showings of holiday films old and new during December. Find when one is showing and bring your squad. The more the merrier!

4. Refresh your Christmas tree


Whether you like the sparkly, elegant icicles or the kitschy vintage Santa statues, decorating a Christmas tree never goes out of style. While there are ornaments for every aesthetic, you can add a personal touch this year by making some of your own. A lot of you might’ve done this in elementary school, and no doubt your craft skills have improved since then. Baking clay or using green rice and red hots to make a wreath will leave you with the most unique, creative baubles on the block. Here are some ideas to get you started.

5. Try a new recipe


It’s a tasty tradition to bake (or buy) cookies to leave out for Santa. But if you think beyond the cookie, there are plenty of other yummy treats to pair with your milk. One festive fave is the reindeer brownie. Basically, it’s a triangle-shaped brownie with peppermint antlers and a wafer/chocolate chip nose (or a red hot for Rudolph!) that resemble the reindeer gang. Great for chocolate lovers and peppermint fans alike, these adorable treats will look perfect next to your cookies.

6. Remix a classic


Our final holiday tradition to shake up involves the songs you’ve probably heard on loop all month. It’s hard not to sing along when a Christmas classic comes on, but how cool would it be if you could perform your own holiday song? Have a brainstorming sesh with your girls and you could think up the next big holiday hit. Plus, if you play an instrument, you can put a beat to it—or learn and cover a classic.

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, you can make this year’s traditions as merry and bright as you want, just by sharing them with the ones you love. Happy Holidays!

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by By Bailey Bujnosek | 12/23/2019