Celebrate Christmas in July


Although snow may still be a few months away, who says you can't get into the winter spirit a little early? Don't wait until December to celebrate Christmas! We've got all you need to bring a summer twist to some holiday classics. So crank up the The Beach Boys' Christmas Album and get the party started with these great ideas:

In the middle of summer, your friends are bound to be hot. Refresh your guests with some frozen hot chocolate!


What you'll need:

2 1/2 cups ice cubes

2 cups cold milk

4 *big* tablespoons of powdered hot chocolate mix

Whipped cream

1 milk chocolate bar


1. In a blender, mix the ice, milk and powder until frothy and well combined. Serve topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings! You could also add a candy cane to each glass for a special touch.

Recipe credit: No Biggie


Treat your guests to these adorable fruity Santa's hat treats!

What you'll need:

Green grapes


Sliced bananas

Mini marshmallows

Mini skewers


1. Slice the stems off the strawberries creating a flat base.

2. Layer the ingredients on the skewers in the following order: grape, banana slice, strawberry, mini marshmallow.

4. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe credit: Woo home


Finally, end the party with a *snowball* fight! Okay, well maybe not using real snow. Instead, simply fill some white balloons with water to create snowballs that make a splash. Grab your besties and form a team against the guys!

Tutorial credit: Jellystone Park Yogi Bear's Camp and Resort

What is your favorite Christmas song? Tell us in the comments!

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by Hayley Anderson | 7/18/2016