Throwing a big bash on a budget? Follow these steps

You want to throw a bangin’ bash, but Mom tells you that yet again, money doesn’t grow on trees (trees do make paper though, and money is made of paper, but that’s a whole different discussion for another time). Don’t panic—no need to cancel your plans. We've got all the tips and DIYs you need to make that party happen! Check it out below. 

Tips for saving: 


1. Throw the party at your home
Renting out places can really add up, so why not set up right in your own backyard? You’ll have more control on things if you do, not to mention your friends *definitely* won’t have trouble finding the location. 


2. Ask a friend if they want to co-host
Not only will this give you double the hands for setting up, cleaning up, etc, but also will double the fun! Plus they can bring some of the favors and food. A party with the BFF? Sign us up.


3. Include some no-cost activities
What does dancing around, singing, playing charades and taking cute pics (see photo booth idea below) all have in common? They don’t cost money. Save your bucks for the favors and have some free fun. The memories will be priceless.


4. Make everything yourself
This is absolutely key—you will save major $$ by creating the party favors and snacks at home, not to mention it can be fun crafting it all yourself. Check out some super cute ideas for your next celebration below. 

DIYs for setting up: 


DIY Ice Cream Garland 


DIY Glitter-Dipped Cups 


DIY Confetti Ballooons 


DIY Photo Booth Props 

DIY sweet treats: 


DIY Marbled Oreos 


DIY Cotton Candy Drink 

Do you have any tips for throwing a party on a budget? Tell us below! 

Photo credit: Pinterest

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 8/25/2018