Late Night Mixer

Sleepover experts agree-there's a big dif between a ho-hum get-together and a one-of-a-kind can't-be-missed bash! Follow GL's tips to keep the sleep outta your next slumber party!

1. Mix up the traditional, potential snooze-fest. To avoid hosting a snore, give your party a purpose! Even if you're planning to party for a darn good reason, like your b-day, stick a theme on it-like a Spa Sleepover. Sport PJs, and start the pampering! Give each other manicures, pedicures and facials.

Make it a fright-fest-grill out, OD on ghost stories, watch horror flicks and, if feasible, sleep in tents! Host a Red Carpet Soiree and ask everyone to dress like a Hollywood A-lister. Sip sparkling white grape juice, eat mini quiches and watch fa-fa flicks! 

2. The right mix of chicks is a must! Think carefully about the gals you invite and how personalities might mix in a sleepover scenario. All your guests should be comfy bumming in PJs and swapping secrets. Sleepovers aren't about nametags and get-to-know-you games, so avoid inviting a gal who's never met your crew. Introduce her to the gang over pizza sometime, and include her on the invite list next time around. Speaking of invite lists, don't go ape-wild! More than10 guests is definitely overkill.

3. Mix up the munchies. What is it about snacks slumber parties? Junk food intake at the average sleepover makes Super Bowl Sunday's consumption of 14,500 tons of chips look like child's play.

Don't hold back on the snacks! Fill bowls with salty, crunchy munchies like Doritos and Sun Chips and sweet, sugary treats like Twizzlers, M&M's and Skittles. For a taste of health, set up a make-your-own salad bar or pasta bar. Or, stick with an old-faithful-delivery pizza. It's a no-fuss fave.

Don't forget breakfast. If you're up for it, whip up some French toast or blueberry pancakes. But, after late-night pizza, your tummies may want a break, so, you might crave something simple on the lighter side, like fruit, bagels and cream cheese.

4. Bring Total Request Live to life, and mix up the music! Have friends bring their favorite CDs and start spinning! Upbeat dance music will keep your party humming all night long. Just give the 'rents a break, and tone it down 'round 10 p.m. You'll have a blast making up dance routines, filming videos and playing "Name that Tune." And, of course, break out the karaoke machine.

5. Bring on the tricks! Arm yourself with a big mix of amusement-inducing tricks! Don't be afraid to go for old faves like Truth or Dare. Or spin it and play Truth or Truth. Everyone writes three personal or thought-provoking questions on separate pieces of paper. Mix all the questions in one bowl and go around the circle, letting each girl pick a question. If she can't or won't answer it, have her get in front of the group and tell a joke or lip sync to a mushy love song. Nobody gets outta this game.

When it's dark, head outside for an intense game of Flashlight Tag or Hide-and-Seek. Something about the dark that makes these kiddie games a little more...spooky! Too chilly to head out? Bust out the group games, like Pictionary or Cranium. And, as the night progresses, it's always a hoot to play You Snooze, You Lose-first one to catch Z's loses, at a price determined by those still standing! 

by GL | 2/1/2016