Chill! Create your own Spa

So you don't have a pocketful of cash to blow on a week on a fancy spa? Why not create a mini spa in your bathroom for you and your friends? We show you how.

There is a reason the word spa rhymes with "aah." Spas are places people go to totally relax, focus on themselves and get gorgeous in the process. Sounds oh-so good, huh? More and more girls sure think so.

Many spas now offer teen spa days where girls can go and get everything from basics, like massages and manicures, to more exotic treatments, like volcanic mud baths and salt glow body polishes. Before you go and shell out the big bucks, why not have a spa experience at home? We went to spa experts and scrubbed them down for their spa secrets.

Set The Mood

Before you start your spa day, think about how you want it to end. Are you trying to chill out or rev up? Set the mood accordingly.

SOUND. Many spas play New Age music or nature tracks to soothe their clients. Select your own special sounds to calm or energize your body. And feel free to sing out loud!

COLOR. Believe it or not, many spas offer something called color therapy. It's been said that color can be used to create or enhance a mood. Red is for power, orange for independence, yellow for soothing your nerves, green for harmony, blue for serenity and violet for creativity. So depending on the mood you want to evoke, go ahead and use colored towels, or wrap up in your favorite purple robe.

CLEAR YOUR MIND. Lower the lights in the bathroom or just shut them off completely and use candles. Don't forget to blow it out!

RESTORE YOUR BODY. Sip a cool glass of mineral water or a warm cup of herbal tea as you care for your body. Remember to use plastic cups in the bathroom.

Now that you have set the mood, it's time to pick your treatments. You can do several things in combination, or just pick and chose what you like. That's the great thing about spending time at your spa. It's all about doing whatever you want! To help you along, we've included great homemade recipes.

It's not just for breakfast anymore. Oatmeal is perfect for all skin types because it's so gentle. And if some drips down into your mouth, hey, it's edible!


o    1/4 cup cooked oatmeal, cooled
o    1 tablespoon plain yogurt
o    1 egg white


Mix together all ingredients until you have a smooth cream. To use: Spread the mixture evenly onto your face with clean fingertips or a small brush. Leave on for 15 minutes, and then rinse well with warm water. Pat your skin dry. Makes 3 ounces, enough for one facial treatment.
Body scrubs using sugar (yep, good ol' Domino's) have become popular features at many exclusive spas. They've replaced salt rubs because sugar is gentler to the skin and less dehydrating. Use this all-over body scrub before washing to deep-cleanse and loosen surface impurities.


o    1/4 cup granulated sugar
o    2 tablespoons light oil, such as almond, canola, or sunflower
o    2 tablespoons milk


Mix together all the ingredients into a smooth cream. To use: Before bathing, gently massage the mixture all over your body to increase circulation and remove dry, flaky skin. Make sure you are standing on a towel or inside the shower. Rinse your skin with warm water and moisturize well. Makes 4 ounces, enough for one treatment.

Mint leaves are refreshing to your skin and help tighten post-shower pores. The scent of fresh oranges is very energizing, and the vitamin C helps tone your skin. You can use this recipe after your bath or shower or as a toner any time your skin could use a pick-me-up! Witch hazel is an old-fashioned astringent found at your local pharmacy or grocery store.


o    1 tablespoon dried mint leaves or 3 tablespoons fresh
o    1 cup boiling water
o    Peel from one orange (orange part only; use a zester or small knife to remove)
o    1/2 cup witch hazel


Place the mint leaves and orange peel in a glass howl, and pour the boiling water over them. Let sit until completely cool. Strain if you would like, and add the witch hazel. Pour into a clean bottle or spray bottle. To use: Splash or spray on clean skin. Makes 12 ounces.
This recipe is rich in natural moisturizers, such as eggs, honey, and oil, that help keep hair radiant, soft and flexible. (Sorry if we sound like a hair product commercial.) Be sure to use a bath mat, or you'll be slip-sliding away.


o    1 teaspoon light oil, such as almond, canola or sunflower
o    1 egg
o    1 tablespoon honey
o    1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice


Mix together all the ingredients, and stir thoroughly. To use: Massage the mixture into just-shampooed, damp hair. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap or use a plastic shower cap, and leave the conditioner on your hair for 15 minutes. Shampoo your hair again, and rinse well. Makes 2 ounces, enough for one treatment.
by GL | 2/1/2016