Your guide to hosting the ultimate BFF birthday breakfast bash

Birthday parties are usually held at night, but what about an early-morning bash for your bestie? 

Even if you don't want to get up at 8 AM to celebrate your BFF's birthday, do it for her (and the crepes). Throughout quarantine, we haven't had the chance to spend quality time with our friends IRL, so this is your chance to try something fun and fresh! Here are some super easy, *delicious* ways to celebrate the early bird in your life.

1. Make a crepe cake

Yes, this exists, and yes, I want one. Turn this already-fancy breakfast dish into a celebratory meal by layering crepes and adding sweet toppings. Here is a basic recipe for a yummy crepe cake, but you can add any ingredients you want. Here's a strawberry creme version and a rainbow version (if you're feeling boujee). Birthday candles might be difficult to put inside the cake, but you can always get creative and put tabletop candles around the dish instead!

2. Queue a chill playlist

Because the playlist truly makes the party. Here's a pop playlist, a cottagecore playlist and a lofi playlist to get you started. Some artists that could feature a chill early-morning breakfast bash include Jack Johnson, Rosie Tucker, Joni Mitchell, dodie, Pomplamoose, Hozier, Taylor Swift (duh), Vampire Weekend and HAIM. Don't forget a speaker!

3. Try a matching dress code

Image via @best.dressed.

Now is the time to be *extra!* Have your friend group dress by their aestheticthat could mean dainty and floral, dark and grunge or flowy and boho. Your IG pics will pop, and it'll be a blast reworking your wardrobe. This could also inspire a group trip to the thrift store to find some adorable pieces.

4. Create fancy invitations 

Bust out your drawing skills with handmade invitations! If you're into art, show off with nature-inspired doodles and dramatic lettering. Buy (or make) flower-pressed paper with pastel envelopes to go along. If you don't have that artsy knack, you can always buy premade invitations or trace calligraphy onto cards. Ask your artistic friend to help you out! Channel your inner retro girl by mailing the letters with cute stamps.

5. Set up a caffeine station

Image via @junichi_yamaguchi.

Who doesn't love coffee? Try setting up a caffeine station with iced coffee, matcha, tea and other early-morning beverages. Make sure to include some juice or flavored water for your friends who don't like caffeine. Put all the drinks in carafes or bottles for easy access. Don't forget the (oat) milk and sugar! 

6. Host it in an aesthetic location

Image via @olja.ab.

The most important part: the location! Host your party in a backyard to add cozy garden energy to the celebration. It's also easier to host it at home because you won't have to transport any food, beverages, or decor. If there's a park with tables near your house, be adventurous and hold the party there! You could also go full cottagecore and have a picnic party. Make sure the location is peaceful and accessible for everyone.

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by Julieanne Larick | 8/20/2021