The do’s and don’ts of the *ultimate* birthday bash

Planning a birthday party can be *so* fun. However, it can be hard to remember everything you need to do (especially the smallest details) when you are caught up in all the excitement. Obviously, you want your besties to have an ah-mazing time. Whether this is your first big birthday bash or you're a seasoned party thrower, we've compiled the most important do's and don'ts for *any* party. From creating the perfect snack tray to avoiding FOMO (the fear of missing out), we've got you covered!


Invite everyone in advance so you know who can and can't make it. We recommend sending out invitations at least a week before. It it's a big birthday bash or a holiday party, send out that invites ASAP. The earlier you invite people, the more likely your party will be a success. 

Ditch the drama! Not everyone needs to be besties, but make sure to invite people that can all get along. 

Check-in with friends to make sure they can enjoy all of your snacks and meals. Don't forget to ask your invitees if they have any dietary restrictions (such as food allergies or abstaining from animal products).

Make an outline for your party activities. This might include movies, games, music, or a themed event. Even if you only have a few ideas for things to do, it's better than planning a party and not knowing what to do after everyone arrives.

Who doesn't love a party favor? Offering something small is the perfect way to thank your guests for coming. Lip gloss, a face mask or a hand-written note will work just fine!

Make a private story. It can be difficult to resist posting on social media in the moment. This might cause others to become jealous if they didn't get an invite or it might spill your exact location with the public. Try making a special private story for your party attendees to keep it low-key and safe. Make it collaborative on Snapchat so everyone can add to it!

Create a picture-perfect backdrop. Wherever your party is, you can create an ah-dorable place to take some pics. Let your party theme be your guide. If you're running out of ideas, bring your besties in to help. Use your phone, a camera, a disposable camera or a polaroid to capture your amazing memories!


Don't talk about your party in front of people who aren't going. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Unfortunately, it's very common. FOMO is real and you don't want to make other people feel left out, so be considerate.

Don't spend too much time on your phone during the party. Avoid falling into the rabbit hole of TikTok watching or Insta scrolling by creating a "phone-free" time for everyone. Live in the moment and truly enjoy your bash without the constant distraction of your phones. 

Don't post too much. Although you may want to show the world all the fun you're having, you don't want to rub it in. However, you realistically couldn't invite everyone, so one or two cute posts will suffice.

If you're planning a sleepover, don't forget to prep the little things. From pillows to snacks, prep to perfection so everyone feels a little more at home.

Of course you can always plan activities for you and your friends, but if anything isn't quite working, don't force it! If you thought your friends would like that movie you picked way better than they actually do, opt for listening to what everyone else prefers for an overall happier party. 

Don't expect *everything* to go perfectly. No matter how much prep goes into a party, it most likely won't go *exactly* the way you planned it. After all, the best parts of a party often aren't planned at all. (A spontaneous Taylor Swift dance party? A last-minute late-night snack? Yes please!) 

Don't make your plans too elaborate. Going with the flow is the way to go! 

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by Eva Mandelbaum and Miriam Riley | 12/3/2021