How to host the cutest oceanside picnic ever

Summer wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach...and what better way to spend your beach day than with an aesthetic picnic with your pals? If you've been dying to have a dreamy main-character ocean-side picnic, you've come to the right place. From the eats to inspo for the perfect pics, we've got you covered.

The food 

Tbh, food is the most important part of any fling, but *especially* your aesthetic picnic. Bring your fave snacks and a few boards to make them into adorable spreads. Whether you're all for cheeses, meats and crackers, or you're leaning more toward a fruit and nutella spread, the possibilities are endless.

The setup


To set up the most aesthetic picnic possible, there are a few must-haves: a cute picnic basket (there are a bunch of super cute options from Amazon), a bouquet of your fave flowers, a comfy blanket or sheet to sit on and a few cushions to make the setup extra cozy. If you're feelin' extra, you can also bring string lights to make the setup even more Insta-worthy.

The fit 


Beach picnic rule of thumb? Wear whatever makes you comfy! Whether that's a monochrome sweatsuit or a flowy sundress, wear what fits the vibe you're going for. And don't forget adorable sunnies, ofc!

The pics 

@brookeeparrish you have on a cute fit, and your picnic and food are all set up to perfection. Now what? Picture time! For that extra Pinterest board-esque glow, try to time your picnic for golden hour (just after sunrise or right before sunset). A cute pose to try is to hold your friend's hand in the pic. Or, if you have a bigger squad with you, prop a phone against someone's shoe or the picnic basket and opt for timer photos that'll be sure to come out as adorable candids.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 5/13/2022