How to plan the cutest The Summer I Turned Pretty watch party

The outfit

For the watch party, why not dress like you're a Cousins Beach local? Wear your best sundress and sandals. Maybe even bring a swimsuit, if you are thinking about making it a pool-party-turned watch-party. For more, check out our article on all the fashion tips from the Summer I Turned Pretty. 


The decor

DW, even if your hometown is nothing like Cousins Beach (inland girlies, we get it), you can still decorate your house to feel like a seaside getaway. Adorn tables and kitchen counters with adorable seashell placeholders. Hang this beachfront window poster on the wall to mimic Belly's view from the beach house. 

Because the sunset is a perfect end to a perfect day at Cousins Beach, we recommend a warm, sunset-inspired color palette for your plates, balloons and other party supplies. Bonus points if you hang some aesthetic fairy lights, too!


The activities

The main activity of the evening will be viewing the newest episodes of TSITP (obvi!), but let's be real: Every party needs a few games. 

Start off the night by asking guests to write down whether they're team Conrad or team Jeremiah on a small piece of paper. Put all the answers in a bowl and read the answers live before starting the show! This is the *only* way to accurately determine which Fisher brother is superior. 

If you're looking to channel your inner Taylor, play some "never have I ever" with the besties. Get a friendly volleyball competition started if you're feeling like Belly. If you're more like Jeremiah, bust out some karaoke, preferably some TSITP Taylor Swift classics ("The Way I Loved You", "Back To December", you name it!). 


The food

No watch party is complete without a few refreshments. Start with a fun summery slushie (check out our recipe for the perfect icy watermelon slushies).

For snacks, why not play a bit of would you rather? For team Jeremiah, we have sweet doughnut holes that will be perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Try this recipe for cinnamon-baked doughnut holes. For team Conrad, why not make some salty popcorn? Check out some of our fun popcorn combos!

For dessert, how about a banana split sundae bar? Get a tub of ice cream, bananas and all your favorite toppings to make the sundae bar of your dreams. 


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by Lucy Hubbard and Laila Mayfield | 7/14/2023