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Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah? Let’s debate Belly’s perfect match from The Summer I Turned Pretty

This essay reflects the thoughts and opinions of the author (and her little sister) based *solely* onthe Amazon Prime series. Spoilers ahead!

Let me paint you a picture: Two sisters pitted against each other in one household. The younger a dedicated member of Team Jeremiah. The older rooting for Conrad on the other end of the couch.

My little sister and I binged Amazon Prime's The Summer I Turned Pretty in one sitting on a lovely June day, and nothing has rocked our household dynamic more than this seven-episode series. I am Team Conrad (ofc), and my younger sister is Team Jeremiah. At 15 years old, my sister is a lover of all things romance, summer and Jenny Han. She really saw herself in Belly because they're so similar in age...and total beach bums. I'm 17 years old (the same age as Conrad Fisher), and related way more to his struggles.

We both adore Belly's character, but that's the end of the shared opinions. Through intense lines of discourse across our dinner table, we've discussed our beliefs about who we believe is Belly's perfect match. Read on for our final arguments as we try to settle the debate of the summer.

Team Jeremiah


Spoken by my 15-year-old sister:

I am as Team Jeremiah as a girl could be. Not only is Gavin Casalegno the embodiment T. Swift's "Gorgeous," but his personality and humor sell him as a teenage dream for any summer romance. Jeremiah Fisher is Belly's perfect match, hands down. Unlike Conrad, Jeremiah puts Belly first and treats her like a literal princess day in and day out. 

Jeremiah is Belly's personal hype man. He cheers her up when she's down, knows what makes her smile and never fails to remind her when she's looking like a ~snack.~ It takes a real love interest to be open and honest about their feelings for the main character, and while Jeremiah holds his tongue on the "I love you's," his constant compliments and adoring glances at Belly speak for themselves. He's a man who isn't afraid to break down in a dance class to get Belly's nerves out and a smile on her face.

Jeremiah understood the assignment when he was written as Belly's childhood best friend-to-lover. Ever since they were little kids in Cousins Beach, Jeremiah has had it *bad* for Belly. This guy was in it for the long run—he's waited through years of her crush on Conrad (and her fling with Cameron) to tell her how he truly felt. He didn't want to confuse her, and he put her well-being before his own desires for them to be together. We love to see the dedication!

Jeremiah and Belly's relationship would be filled with hilarious adventures, romantic dates and many more driving lessons around Cousins. He's considerate, outgoing and capable of pushing Belly outside of her comfort zone to try new things. Take the bonfire scene: Jeremiah was so hyped when Belly arrived, ready to include her in all the fun and make her first summer hangout a night to remember. Still, Jeremiah was caring and conscious of Belly's nerves, taking care and comforting her when she needed a shoulder to lean on. Team Jelly all the way.

Team Conrad


Through my own perception of Belly's unforgettable summer. 

I'm Team Conrad because I'm a sucker for the mysterious Wattpad bad-boy type. His cold demeanor in the series makes him seem like he has a heart of steel, but OMG, does this boy have it *bad* for Belly. He was so sweet to her when they were little and he continues to share adorable moments with her throughout the series. Their chemistry in those moments is unmatched, and it's undeniable that Belly and Conrad just glow when they're together. Sure, there's tension, but there's also romance—and that is what makes their feelings truly authentic and human. Not to be mushy (is it too late to say that at this point?), but that combo of angst and happiness is what makes their love so real. 

Now, the way Conrad treats Belly is...well, not how any girl should be treated. I acknowledge that Conrad goes through a really dark period with his family life and college applications, but he has no excuse to treat Belly the way he does. We see Conrad belittle Belly, make fun of her after her first date and "forget" her b-day present. However, we also see Conrad and Belly joke around, dance at the deb ball and share many tender moments together. With how I've seen Belly and Conrad act together, in those moments where they are alone and just so obviously in love, I cannot see them with anyone else. 

Conrad and Belly's relationship would be packed with butterflies, heart-warming moments and inside jokes. I can see them dancing again and again, just like how they spun in circles practicing for the deb ball. Conrad will always be there for Belly to look out for her (it's the big bro in him). He'll be protective, loving and always down to pick up the "good muffins" for their next date. 

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by Cara Lamina | 7/4/2022