All the fashion tips we compiled from The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty is officially the series of the summer. We get to witness the tricky trope of a heart-throbbing love triangle, coming-of-age montages to rival any early 2000s movie and fashion looks too good to keep hidden away in Cousins Beach. Our fashion icons of this silver screen include Belly (our sweet and serving main character), Nicole (that big sis  *everyone* needs) and the one and only Shalya (the over-the-top fashionista we all dream of being). It's time to take their summer fits as inspo and create our own combos for an "unforgettable summer!" 

Knitted beachy tops for drive-ins and driving lessons


Crochet girlies, it's your time to shine. Belly sported many a knitted tank during her vacay in Cousins Beach, and we are *living* for it! These colorful tanks beat the heat while also killing the summer fit game. She pairs these boho tops with jean shorts for a simple summer vibe. We love knitted beach tops as cutesy cover-ups for a trip to the ocean, a night out at the boardwalk or a fam BBQ. 

Layered jewelry for all your late-night swims


Remember when we use to pile friendship bracelets, pool admission bands and rainbow looms on our wrists? Yeah, The Summer I Turned Pretty is bringing that energy back. Belly loves her bracelets—beaded, charmed, threaded—and piles them on for every outing in Cousins. Our tip? Layer your jewelry to fit your unique personality. Craft your own bracelets, pair threaded bracelets with shell anklets and achieve that carefree, look.

Poppy floral prints for your summer b-day celebration


The floral prints from The Summer I Turned Pretty tell us two things: (a) Larger floral print is *so* in and (b) We need to buy a floral printed romper ASAP. Belly's b-day romper is the inspiration for this fashion hack, and rightfully so! But floral print can sometimes be iffy—there is a fine line between dressing like a grandma and looking like it's your first day of kindergarten. The Summer I Turned Pretty features a range of minimalistic floral prints to poppy, crowded patterns that has us completely obsessed. Rule of thumb: If the floral print is larger than 2 inches, ditch it. 

Pearls for a deb ball *and* when the ocean calls


Belly's deb ball look had our jaws on the floor. She looked breathtaking in those pearls—and so can you. But pearls are too versatile and classic to be reserved for an annual deb ball. Fasten a peral necklace for a chic beach look or pop on some dangling pearl earrings to jazz up a sundress. Just be careful where you wear them if they are a treasured family heirloom (shoutout to Susanna!).

Mini sundresses for book parties and bonfires 


If you have seen any of the series, you know the sundress game was on point in Cousins Beach. We love mini sundresses in cute ginghams, whites and boho florals. Pair your frock with sharp sandals if you're hitting up the country club later, and swap them for Converse afterward to go grab ice cream with your friends. 

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by Cara Lamina | 6/28/2022