Roman Tuna Salad


Some supermarkets have a selection of olives in bins or they sell them in plastic containers. The fresh olives taste much better than canned olives. We like Greek Calamata olives for this tuna salad. (Try to buy them without the pits – it’ll save you some work.)

What You'll Need: Serves 4
1/4 cup Nayonaise (soy-mayo from Nasoya)
1 tablespoon each: fresh lemon juice
Extra-virgin olive oil
2 cans (7 ounces each) tuna
1 can (14-ounce) artichoke hearts
1 small red onion
1/4 cup each: chopped black olives
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
Chopped Italian (flat leafed) parsley leaves
What You'll Do:

1. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, stir together the nayonaise, lemon juice, and olive oil.
2. Open the can of tuna and the artichokes. Pressing the tuna lid down, drain the tuna liquid into the sink. Carefully remove the sharp lids. Empty the artichokes into a strainer to drain.
3. Add the tuna to the mayo mixture. Break up the tuna with a fork but leave it chunky. If the artichokes aren’t quartered, cut each one into quarters lengthwise. Add to the tuna.
4. Chop the onion and add to the tuna. Using your fingers, pit the olives and chop into large pieces. Finely chop the parsley; adding the olives and parsley to the tuna. Stir; add salt and pepper to taste.

To Serve: For a sandwich, spread onto crusty bread or rolls with some lettuce leaves or by itself on a bed of lettuce.

For your school lunch, pack the tuna in a plastic container and the bread (whole-wheat of course!) in a plastic baggie.

Medium mixing bowl
Measuring cups, spoons
Can opener
Cutting board
Chef’s knife
By: Anne Vassal


by GL | 2/1/2016