The DIY iced coffee recipe you gotta try

If ever was there a reason to celebrate the weather warming up, it's with this: a delish, cold drink. Basically what me mean to say is that it’s PM iced coffee season and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

But instead of dishing out that hard-earned cash for a chilly cup of joe, we're all about making a homemade recipe. Just use these tricks to save you time, money, and the stress of any long 'n' steamy barista lines. Check out the simple how-to below.

What you'll need:
+6 oz coarse-ground coffee beans
+Coffee grinder  
+6 cups cold water
+2 Large containers
+Coffee filters
+Raw sugar or sweetener   

1. In a large container, combine coffee grounds and water. Make sure all the coffee beans are covered and saturated.
2. Cover and allow to sit at room temperature overnight, 24 hours is ideal.
3. Set a fine mesh strainer, (optional: line with cheesecloth), over a pitcher or another container.
4. Slowly pour coffee mixture through strainer, allowing all the liquid to seep through. You may need to help push the liquid through the strainer with a spoon or rubber spatula.
5. Pour the mixture through the strainer one to two more times to ensure all the grounds have been caught (this is where a cheesecloth comes in handy—you don't want to be drinking bits of coffee!). Discard grounds after filtering.
6. Place coffee in the fridge, in a sealed container and allow to chill until ready to use.
7. To make an iced coffee, add 1 cup ice cubes to glass. Add a 1:1 ratio of coffee to water in class and mix well. Add sweetener and milk to taste, stir well. Taste and adjust milk and sweetener if needed.
8. Sit back and enjoy! 


by Angelina Kaliszak | 3/10/2018