Cookie dough, cupcakes, kebabs, oh my!: The ultimate guide to sleepover snacks

Summer sleepovers are the best. Long days by the pool followed by even longer nights chilling in the AC with your might seem like it can't get better than that. Newsflash: It can with these seriously fun finger foods. Sure, your gossip sesh and millionth viewing of Clueless work with basic candy and microwave popcorn, but why not take your snack game up a notch? We’ve rounded up six of our favorite mouthwatering morsels to make your next gathering the best *ever*. Prep ‘em before your girls show up or make cooking part of the sleepover fun.
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    Egg-free cookie dough

    Few things are more heavenly than indulging in cookie dough by the handful. But most cookie dough isn’t actually safe to eat, since it contains raw eggs. This super sweet recipe totally saves the day by indulging your tastebuds without giving you a serious stomachache. Get it HERE.

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    Pink popcorn

    Here’s some popcorn Elle Woods would be proud of. Not only does it look super cute, it includes a touch of vanilla to make it a little sweet and is sure to leave your girls gushing. Learn how to make it HERE.

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    Cupcake fondue

    We can’t get over how cute this is. Dip these minis in all sorts of toppings, sprinkles, and frosting for the most adorable snack of all time. Get the recipe HERE.

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    Mini deep-dish pizzas

    These savory snacks aren’t just fun—with a whole wheat crust and fewer than 100 calories each, they’re also way healthier than your local pizza delivery place. Find out how to make ‘em HERE.

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    Apple nachos

    Crunchy, sweet and savory all at once, these apple slices drizzled in goodness (from chocolate to caramel to marshmallow to any topping you can dream of) are sure to be your new fave treat. Learn how HERE

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    Nutella pancake kabobs

    Of course, we can’t forget about breakfast. After a night of fun, make the most important meal of the day just as precious as your midnight snacks with strawberry, Nutella and mini-pancake skewers. Get the how-to HERE.

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by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016