The best matcha recipes for Insta-perfect breakfasts

Not only are matcha-infused foods and drinks the prettiest snacks around, but matcha also has a whole host of benefits to keep your bod as glowy as your IG feed (ya know, when you make these recipes and post them).

Matcha powder is full of good antioxidants to promote brain health and liver function, and its versatility as an ingredient means you can use it in all kinds of recipes. To add some pretty *and* healthy snacks and drinks into your gorgeous girl summer, check out our five fave recipes for ways to get your green going.

1. Matcha latte


The gorgeous green drink is a classic for a reason. Besides being *the* most beautiful drink you can use to glow up your Insta feed, a matcha latte adds that signature, earthy-green color and sweet, nutty flavor. (And DW if you're not a coffee girlie. Matcha is powdered green tea!)

If you'd rather not run to Starbucks for a morning latte (summer is for sleeping in, ofc), check out this recipe to make your own hot or iced version at home. For a fun (and aesthetic!) twist, toss a couple of dried rosebuds (available online or at Asian markets) in your latte to add a subtle floral flavor.

Matcha cookies


For a stylish summer bake, try out this matcha-and-white-chocolate-chips twist on your basic chocolate chip cookie. The recipe also includes a gluten-free mochi matcha cookie version, so you can even make these pretty cookies for your gluten-free besties.

Matcha Rice Krispies


If you loved Rice Krispies Treats growing up, you'll love this yummy combo of Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, white chocolate chips and, ofc, matcha. Try sprinkling extra matcha powder on top for a pretty finish, or accessorize with mini marshmallows, candy eggs or Jordan almonds.

4. Matcha lemonade


Your classic summertime drink just got *that* much more Insta-worthy! For a cup of lovely, summery matcha lemonade, mix together one cup of store-bought (or homemade!) lemonade, two cups of cold water, and one teaspoon of matcha powder for a dreamy green drink. Lemon wedge optional!

5. Matcha granola bowl


For a sweet summer breakfast that's both pretty and healthy, try out this recipe for an ah-dorable matcha oat bowl. By combining oatmeal, protein powder and oat milk with your matcha, you'll be getting those important nutrients while you devour the most Instagrammable breakfast bowl ever.

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by Ava Slocum | 7/28/2023