DIY bedroom wall art for every style

A few new pieces of art can completely transform a space. A throw pillow here, a new plant there can work wonders, but a DIY project is the ultimate addition to your room because you can personalize it to your taste. These DIY hanging wall art projects are easy ways to get your craft on no matter your style. You can make them as big or as small as you want, with whatever materials you have lying around—your room is your canvas!


  • 1_popdiva.png

    Pop princess

    If you want your space to have a little extra shimmer, spruce up your room with some hanging CD art (after all, who listens to CDs anymore, anyway?). Get a parent’s help to drill holes in both ends of old CDs and connect them with binder rings. Use a Sharpie to doodle on them or flip them over so the shiny side shows—no one ever has to know you used to listen to the HSM soundtrack on repeat!

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  • 2_bohobabe.png

    Boho babe

    Want to go the natural route? Take a large branch and hang old scraps of fabric, leather, beads, yarn and cord, anything cool you find on a nature walk. You have a gorgeous piece of art constructed from scrap materials.

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  • 3_girlyglam.png

    Girly glam

    You’re feminine and glamorous, so why wouldn’t you want your room to reflect that? Cut out heart shapes with construction paper, then sew the hearts together with a running stitch on a sewing machine (your sewing doesn’t have to be perfect; just so the hearts are connected to the string) and hang them from a piece of wood. Cover the wood in a piece of lace for a darling finishing touch.

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  • 4_funky.png

    Funky fierce

    Let your artistic side shine with a geo garland. Cut colorful paper (wrapping paper works really well) into fun shapes. Then, sew them together and hang with string from a branch. Hang against a solid wall so the bold colors pop and you have the perfect focal point for any bedroom.

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016