2 ways to deck your room in gold


Want to find new ways to make your room stand out with items that are simple, gorgeous and easy to decorate? Magnets and ceramics with a touch of gold will be your best bet. You can put magnets wherever, however, and even decorate them just the way you like ’em! For example, a DIY magnetic chalkboard wall with gold dipped alphabet magnets? Super easy. Whenever your friends come over, your stylish chalkboard will light up the room. Whip up a gold-dipped pencil holder, vase or pretty container to display on a shelf. Putting these edgy pieces around your room gives your abode a bold touch and a trendy look.


How To: DIY Gold Dipped Alphabet Magnets

What you'll need:

1 can of gold spray paint

1 can of plastic primer spray paint

Alphabet magnets


1. Before spraying the letters, make sure you are in a well ventilated area. Place these bad boys on top of a piece of cardboard and from 5-8 inches away, first use the plastic primer spray evenly behind then on top of each letter. 

2. After the primer dries, use the gold spray evenly on each side. These letters will dry within 10-12 minutes.

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How to: DIY Gold Dipped Ceramic Pieces

What you'll need:

Any round ceramic piece (jar, bowl, etc)

Painter’s Tape

Gold spray paint


1. First, before spraying anything, use painter’s tape to cover the section of your vase that you want to remain white. With the tape, you can make designs or stripes or shapes that you want to stand out. For larger pieces, a saran wrap or plastic bag to cover the bulk parts works best and saves you tons of tape. 

2. Now it’s time to spray! For a sharp, bold color, spray two coats and let them dry for about 20 minutes. 

3. And now comes the best part. Peel off that tape and see the work you just created! 

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by Meejee Kim | 2/1/2016