Bethany Mota is back to make your life even more fabulous

YouTuber Bethany Mota is famous for her video DIYs, whether it's for your room, your clothes or your look. Basically, she knows how to ramp anything ordinary up to extroardinary, and now she's ready to help you make your home awesome—and not just through your computer screen.

Yahoo! Makers is reporting that Bethany is officially teaming up with Aéropostale for a home decor line, and we have no doubts that if she brings her signature style it's going to turn out awesome. Yahoo chatted with the star to get the full scoop on what she's working on and what she's proud of. Check it out.

On her favorite way to decorate a room...

"Definitely accent pillows! I like keeping my furniture and bedding pretty solid and basic; that way I can constantly switch out my throw pillows when I want to add a different color."

On how to make her fashion her own...

"I love graphic tees with witty sayings and cool graphics. I learned how to make them myself, which allowed me to get really creative with what I wanted the shirt to say and to create something that no one else has."


On her favorite craft she's done...

"One of my favorite creations I’ve made is probably my holiday room decor. It reminded me of something I would see in stores, but I got to completely customize it to my liking."

On her best DIY fail...

"Goodness, there’s a lot. One time I was hot gluing a Halloween costume and ended up accidentally gluing my fingers together. It was pretty painful. Not doing that again!"

On being influenced by her fans which she calls Motavators...

"My collection has always been very much inspired by my viewers. So many of them have told me that my style gives them ideas, but they do just the same for me. I love being engaged with my audience because they are all so unique and creative. Whenever I need some help designing, I love just sending a tweet out asking my viewers what they want. My collection is for them, so I want to make sure they love what I’m putting out."


On the advice she'd give her fans...

"To do something every day that scares you. I used to let fear completely control my life. Making YouTube videos was a massive fear of mine, and because of that I almost didn’t create a channel. I was able to face that fear and do it anyway. Now looking back, I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t start making videos. Sometimes the things that we are afraid of are the things that can change our lives and make us stronger people."

Which of Bethany's DIYs or YouTube videos is your favorite? Are you excited for her upcoming Aeropostale line? Motavators weigh in below in the comments.

Photos credit: Bethany Mota/Aeropostale/Yahoo


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016