DIY a dreamy canopy bed


Creating the coziest bed possible is a *must*. And usually, you do that with tons of plush pillows, fleecy blankets and snuggly sheets. But to really take your bed to the next level? Hang a DIY canopy for major girly vibes. Talk about sweet dreams!

You'll need:

- 1 large embroidery hoop 
- Sheer curtains or tulle
- 1 ceiling screw hook
- Ribbon, optional


1. Tie ribbon in 3 equal intervals around the hoop to use to hang to the ceiling. 

2. Thread your curtain through the hoop.

3. Insert the inner hoop into the outer and screw tight once your curtains are evenly adusted.

4. Have your parents drill the ceiling hook into the ceiling and hang your hoop with the ribbon.

Get the full instructions HERE.  

Do you have a canopy bed? Let us know below! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 12/29/2016