How to achieve the *perfect* boho room for summer

Summer is finally here, and what better way to spend your newfound free time then redoing your room? The boho aesthetic is *perfect* for summer, and these simple tips will help you create the bohemian room of your dreams. 

Liven up your space


Incorporating plants and greenery is basically essential in transforming a plain room into a trendy boho escape. There are many ways to go about this—such as hanging vines from your wall or becoming a full on plant mom. If caregiving isn't your thing, look into decorating with fake plants! Bring your own personal flair when it comes to choosing plants and greenery and have fun with it. Any way you choose to incorporate them, they are sure to bring your room to the next level. 

Warm up your color palette  


Boho colors are perfect for summer. The warm tones that come along with the boho style are sure to heat up your room and make it ever so cozy. Add these vibes to your space by decorating with warm colors like terracotta, cream and mauve.

Spruce up your walls


Adding fun wall decor is sure to make your room even more aesthetic. There are *tons* of trendy ways to accessorize your walls and make your room even more stylish. Add some simple artwork that speaks to you and transform a plain wall into a personalized gallery. You can also find some fun boho pieces that include your fave warm colors. Or, if you are all about all boho everything, hang up a macrame hanging to really bring out the style of your room!

Add a chic rug


A rug is a great addition to any room, but it can truly make a boho room even more magical. They are super universal and give all the cozy vibes. Add a fun circular shaped rug and make it an accent point of your room. Or, consider adding a textured rug to really amplify the boho vibes. Bonus points if it matches your color scheme...

No room is complete without fairy lights


Fairy lights are the perfect way to top off any space. Your new boho room is no exception. These sweet lights add some much-needed coziness—not to mention they're super trendy! However, if fairy lights aren't your thing, don't fret. There are many other ways to include mood lighting in your room while still feeling all the boho vibes. Hang up some bulb string lights—or if you're feeling super adventourous, you could even install a beaded light fixture.

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Slider image: @astoldbymichelle

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by Paige Mountain | 6/23/2021