Your completely cozy room redo

The weather outside is frightful (short days? Cold nights? *So* not the mood). And while it's tempting to crawl under the covers 'til spring, we've got a better idea: Turn your room into a peaceful place where you can rest, relax and recharge.

"Surrounding ourselves with things that feel cozy can have a major positive effect on our health and happiness during the colder months," explains decorator and home expert Rachel Valente (@rachlvalente on Instagram). "It motivates us and keeps us creative in a season that can feel a bit frigid and stale." In other words, a seasonable room refresh isn't just about dreamy decor—it can actually be essential for combating cold-weather blues.

Just like how you swap your Starbies order once the temps drop, a few simple switches are all it takes to create a warm 'n' fuzzy oasis. And if your cozycore era lasts far past February? We won't judge.


Step 1: Pick your palette

Choose a color scheme that's equal parts toasty and welcoming. Our faves for snuggly feels? Neutrals like white, brown and beige. But remember: "You don't have to limit yourself. Neutrals can also be earth tones like greens, purples, rusts and terra cottas," Valente advises.

Step 2: Light the way

Green Lamp, $79, Fila | Tassel Lamp, $179, Pottery Barn Teen | Tripod Lamp, $80, Project 62

Winter may be dark and dreary, but your room doesn't have to be. Brighten it up with good lighting to relieve stress and anxiety, says interior design coordinator and Patio Productions consultant Tara Spaulding.

For maximum zen, ditch harsh overheads in favor of table lamps or LED strips. And try to vary your sources (think: string lights on one side of the room, a tripod lamp in the opposite corner) to help create a dreamy, diffused ambiance. 

Step 3: Create your cocoon

Pillow Cover, $80, Pottery Barn Teen | Blanket, $99, Pottery Barn Teen | Mushroom Pillow, $48, Urban Outfitters | Green Pillow, $60, Sunday Citizen | Sheets, $51, Beautyrest

Once you've selected a swatch to work with, bring your bedding into the mix. Start with a set of flannel sheets, guaranteed to keep you toasty even in the chilliest temps (choose 100% cotton for max softness).

Next, do up your duvet. Valente recommends doubling your insert for a plush, cloud-like feel: Got a queen-sized cover? Stuff it with a king-sized insert (or layer two queen-sized comforters inside) for major fluff factor.

Now for the fun part—pillows and throws. Mix and match knit fabrics with faux fur to create a luxe look. "Adding texture really brings a room together," explains Spaulding. "It makes your space feel cozy and inviting without being overwhelming."

Step 4: Embrace the extra

Record Player, $130, Crosley | Chair, $109, Pottery Barn Teen | Planter, $30, Luna-Reece Ceramics | Shelves, $35, BohoCornerByRachelle | Rug, $359, Hauteloom

Coziness can come from *anything* that makes you feel at peace. Reflect on the spaces that give you all the warm and snuggly vibes (your fave coffee shop, your grandma's living room and your local library all count), then channel that energy into your design vibe through decorative accents. (Candles in your signature scent, picture frames featuring your besties and soft, snuggly seating are amazing options.)

Want to truly make the space your own? Head to the thrift store for vintage finds. "These items bring warmth because they typically have more character and feel more organic to the space," says Valente. "When I first started decorating my bedroom, I thrifted a free (yes, free!!) solid wood dresser from Facebook Marketplace. It was already a beautiful dresser, but I decided to sand down the entire thing, and it revealed a stunning mango wood grain underneath. It's still one of my favorite thrifted finds, and it immediately added interest and coziness to my space because it was personal, unique and warm."

The only thing that's missing? You + your oversized hoodie + your fave chill playlist + a calming tea. See you in the spring...

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by Lena Genovese and Kathleen O'Neill | 12/1/2022