The perfect mirror to match your bedroom aesthetic

Looking to renovate your bedroom? Need a slight refresh when it comes to decor? Adding a unique mirror is the cutest (and easiest) way to elevate your space (and, as a bonus, say goodbye to boring mirror selfies). We found the perfect mirrors to match your bedroom aesthetic—and they're all totally Insta-worthy.


Dormify, $69

If your bedroom is all about the boho look, we can guess that you probably have your fair share of neutral tones, macramé wall hangings and greenery. So, what's the perfect mirror to match? A frameless asymmetrical one like this piece from Dormify.

Dark academia

Amazon, $30

A vintage decorative mirror like this one might be just what you need to complete your dark academia bedroom. Keep an eye out for thick, ornate frames and metallic colors such as gold and bronze.


Target, $35

If you've recently hopped on the cottagecore trend, then your room is likely made up of rustic furniture and vintage pieces. A metal sun-shaped mirror like this one should fit right in with your aesthetic. 

Bold & bright

Urban Outfitters. $189

Picture this: Your room is filled with bright colors and bold patterns. Squiggle lights and movie posters adorn your walls. And, just above your dresser, is the piece tying it all together—a funky shaped mirror! We love this cloud-shaped one, but any fun shape will do the trick.


Walmart, $80

If you like to keep your room lowkey and clutter-free, be on the lookout for a classy mirror in this style. A gold frame and arched top keep things super chic while staying within that minimalist look.

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Slider image: @jordyn_lenae
Top image: @sofiawylie


by Melanie Dowling | 2/3/2023