The *ultimate* guide to creating a coconut girl bedroom

Hey, beach babes! Summer is finally here—and what better way to soak up the summer vibes than transforming your room into the *ultimate* coconut girl paradise. The best part about this room revamp? It will transport you to the sunny shores all year round—not just those 40 days of summer vacay! So grab a smoothie, kick off your flip-flops and dive into the world of gorgeous room decor.

Seashell accessories

Roomtery Seashell Ceramic Jewelry Tray, $35

Nothing screams coconut girl more than seashells. From jewelry trays to pillows, seashell-shaped items are a fun way to add coastal charm to your room. Consider also starting a seashell collection and displaying your favorite pieces in a glass jar for a touch of natural beauty.

Vintage license plates


Give your room a touch of wanderlust by decorating your walls with colorful license plates from your favorite coastal states. Not only do they look *so* pretty—they're also an amazing way to manifest your next beach getaway.

Surfboard wall decor

Amazon 3-pieces surfboard wall decor, $35

Embrace the surfer vibe by adding surfboards to your room. Whether you opt for a real surfboard or surfboard-shaped wall art, this piece will become the focal point of your space. Considering the wide variety of designs, you could easily find one that matches your personal style. Just lean it against a wall or hang it above your bed to channel those beachy vibes.


Etsy Hammock Chair, $180

Transform your room into a cozy retreat with a hammock. Hang it near a window or in a corner where you can relax, read a book or simply daydream. Decorate it with colorful cushions (definitely seashell-shaped!) and blankets to create a cozy nook.

Sea-animal plushies


Bring the ocean to your room with adorable sea-animal plushies. From cuddly dolphins to squishy starfish, these plush toys will make your space *so* fun. Place them on your bed, desk or shelves for a touch of playfulness.

Sunset Lamp

Roomtery Golden Hour Sunset Lamp, $50

Capture the magical hues of a beach sunset with a sunset lamp. These lamps mimic the warm, golden glow of a setting sun—creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your room. Place it on your bedside table or desk and let the soothing colors instantly transport you to a beachside paradise as you wind down for the day.

Poster wall collage


Channel your inner coconut girl and create a wall collage that reflects your beachy spirit. Choose posters featuring tropical destinations, cute prints, surfers or inspirational quotes. Then arrange them in a visually pleasing pattern or let your creativity run wild with a more spontaneous arrangement.

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by Kukua Honny | 7/1/2023