Eat Right

We Tried It: "Supercandy"

We've heard that there's finally a candy that's as yummy as it is healthy. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, maybe not.

Snap Infusion recently debuted a new brand of candy known as "Supercandy" based on the idea of a candy that "you can feel good about devouring." After all, who wants to feel guilty for eating something that wasn't exactly packed with nutritional value during a good munch sesh?

With Supercandy, you have five choices: the citrus-packed gum, the fruity tart, the berry delish bean, the chewy gummy, and the chocolate lovers' answer to caramel -- mel, which taste JUST like a good-for-your-bod version of Milk Duds. Each packet of Supercandy has less than 160 cals while boasting serious health benefits. These babies are chock full of B vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Sweet!

All of the ingredients are naturally made and certainly flavorful, making them perfect for some class snackin' or some late night nommin'. Talk about two birds with one stone!


by Jordan Sarnovsky | 2/1/2016