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5 things our moms taught us about food

With Mother's Day coming up, we're all feeling a little nostalgic. Thinking back on childhood memories with your mom could bring to mind playing with her in your backyard, learning to ride a bike with her as your teacher, visits to her office, weekend trips to the library...or maybe even time spent together in the kitchen. Whether your mom was a cooking aficionado or microwave meals were more her speed, we'd bet that she still taught you these five lessons about eating.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"
Maybe this note was tucked into your lunchbox, and your shoulders slumped when you realized Mom packed you an apple...again. What we would have given for a different kind of fruit! If apples were so good at preventing doctor's visits, why did we still have to go to the pediatrician once a year?

"Remember: You are what you eat!" 
Moms like to say this judgmentally when we sink our teeth into our favorite junk foods. While they're just looking out for our health, we *hated* this as kids. With a simple raise of her eyebrows, Mom can let you know exactly what she thinks about you picking up a second or third cookie.

"If you're a guest at someone's house for dinner, you need to finish everything on your plate."
Whether it's Grandma's questionable recipe, or a family friend's strange concoction, you know you're going to get an earful from Mom if you don't swallow every last bite of a meal someone else prepared for you. You also have to pretend it's the best thing you ever tasted, or you might get a sharp elbow in the ribs.

"Did you remember to eat breakfast?"
Though it may be the most important meal of the day, it's so tempting to neglect breakfast when rushing out the door on busy mornings. Moms never let you get away with that, however...yours might have chased you out to the bus stop with a banana.

"How do you know you don't like it if you haven't even tried it?" 
*Sigh.* They're just trying to get us to be a little more adventurous, but we don't need to taste something to know it looks gross.

Did your mom give you any tips about eating? Let us know in the comments!

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by Bridget Curley | 5/6/2017