Is your city one of the *most* fit in the country? Find out


It makes sense that residents of some cities are more active than others; after all, in some places people bike to school or work *every* single day. And there's other cities like Burlington, Vermont, where people are most likely distracted by the tempting presence of the Ben & Jerry's HQ. The American Fitness Index actually takes the time to rank the top 10 cities in the US with the fittest populations...see if yours makes the list below.

10. San Diego, California 
Upwards of 75 percent of San Diego residents live within a 10 minute walk to a neighborhood parkthat's a lot of opps to get active.

9. Hartford, Connecticut
The AFI reports that Hartford is full of farmers markets, baseball diamonds, playgrounds and golf courses, with a bunch of ways to stay healthy.

8. Salt Lake City, Utah  
Kids in Salt Lake City spend a ton of time in gym class, and more than 80 percent report participating in physical activity in the last 30 days.

7. Boston, Massachusetts
Boston has a *ton* of parks, and it's a super walkable city. Bostonians also report good mental health!

6. Seattle, Washington 
All that frantic running to get indoors and away from the rain must be paying off.

5. San Francisco, California 
Huffing and puffing up all of San Francisco's hills is enough to keep anyone in shape.

4. Portland, Oregon  
Dog parks are *super* popular in Portland where they're all about getting active with their furry friends.

3. Denver, Colorado 
Colorado residents have the benefit of skiing and hiking in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. 

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota 
AFI gives the runner-up spot to one half of Minnesota's twin cities, which is full of parks and lakes; tennis is also one of the most popular sports in the area.

1. Washington D.C.
A love of exercise and a love of politics must go hand in hand! D.C. recidents enjoy lots of rec centers, indoor swimming pools and of course the National Mall. Who wouldn't be excited to jog by the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument every day?  

Did your hometown make an appearance? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Bridget Curley | 5/15/2017